Saturday, May 26, 2012

You Thought I Disappeared Didn't You?

Well actually you didn't because two of the 6 people who read this blog are also my Facebook friends and they know I'm still around.

So here's the Reader's Digest version of our life right now:

Charlie started his new job on April 1 as Manager/Director of Camp Harris (or Harris Baptist Encampment).  This is a small camp about 10 miles from where we have been living since June.  It serves all of the Southern Baptist churches in several associations in north Louisiana as well as any other group that wants to use the facilities.  It's open all year round and can accommodate quite a few people.  In the summer, week long camps for children and teens.  Also weekend retreats, rallies, or family reunions can and are held there.  I'll try and post the link .....yay, I think it worked.

Charlie loves his new job and so far it keeps him VERY busy.  It was so wonderful the way God has taken care of us and led us.  Our job with our mission agency ended on March 30 and Charlie's new job started on April 1.  Not a day without a job!

I started working full time at the job I had been working at part time, as the secretary at our church.  I work with our youth minister and children's minister.  Right now it is very busy as we are gearing up for Vacation Bible School June 4-8.

Coleson finished his first year of university and did well.  He started his summer job last week working at a Christian camp in Texas.  He will work as a lifeguard among other responsibilities.  We've heard from him a few times and he's doing great besides being tired from all of the training.

Will successfully finished grade 10 and his first year of school in America.  He is enjoying being out of school and playing pick-up soccer matches with friends and watching old TV shows on Netflix.  He will probably be working out at Camp Harris this summer.   He's learning to play the cajon (box drum) that friends made for us.  He will be going on a couple of summer trips with our church youth group and he's looking forward to that.

Luke is happy to be finished with grade 7.  He's officially a teenager. YIKES!  He will also go on the summer youth group trips.  He has some big summer reading assignments for school that he needs to start working on.  He's thrilled about that!

Abby is finished with 5th grade and pretty happy about it although she loved her teacher.  She is brown as a biscuit from swimming at friends' pools.  She's also been doing quite a bit of babysitting and she loves it.

Camp Harris comes with a house for the director.  Unfortunately it had fallen into disrepair.  It is a sturdy wooden house built in the 1920's and originally was a house for the staff of the school (Camp Harris was originally Harris School).  Thankfully, many area churches have been working to restore the house and get it ready for our family to move in.  This week professional flooring guys have been working to install carpet in some rooms, vinyl flooring in some, and refinish the pine floors in some areas.  The big appliances have been ordered and I'm looking forward to having a fridge with an ice maker!!!!

There are still a few projects left to finish (like some ugly wall paper that needs to be painted over, the outside siding that needs to be power washed and landscaping in the front yard).  OH, and a new roof!  But we can live there while these projects are completed.

We are so thankful to First Baptist Church of Minden, La that has allowed us to live in their mission house during this transition time.  We've actually been here since June of last year and we are anxious to get into our own space and spread out.  We are accumulating many things in this small 2 bedroom house, to the point that it is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders.

I will try and post some pictures soon.  If you live in our area and need a venue for a retreat, camp, meeting, family reunion, party, scrapbooking weekend, quilter's weekend, or anything else, give us a call!  We are in the phone book.  If you are our friends and want to come visit, COME.  We have tons of room for you!!!

The camp has a pool, a pond with a few fish, a zipline, volleyball sand pit, dining hall, coke machine, beautiful trees and fields, birds, sunshine and quiet.

A year ago we never oculd have imagined that this is what we would be doing now......director of a camp......secretary.  God is good and He has a plan.  You can trust Him.  Even when he takes you somewhere and you have no clue where you are going.


Debbie said...

Amen, sister! Love the update. God is so good, isn't He? Wish we could come see you... Maybe when things settle down in our world, and we have our own place to live! Miss you guys and so glad to hear you are well.

Much love,

Alice Pratas said...

Olá amiga Angie,

Que saudades...Ouvir noticias vossas foi muito bom. Vejo sempre o teu blog!O Senhor é muito bom e fiel.Louvado seja Deus.
Vou contar para a D.Lucilia todas as novidades.
Temos saudades vosssas.
Deus vos continue e guardar,ajudar e acompanhar como até aqui.
Tua amiga,Moçambicana!
Alice Pratas

ashley said...

OK, I have way too much to say in the space provided! First of all, YEAH for the new jobs and for getting settled in. Ben said Camp Harris sounded familiar from his days at Tech. Second, I love hearing about your kids and all their updates. It wasn't hard to guess which camp Coleson was at so I called one of my very best friends who led the lifeguard training and she remembered him and LOVED him. Praying he has a great summer. My life was definitely touched there! Third, it's nice to read your blog and feel like I've somewhat stayed in touch with you. :) Exciting to see what the Lord has done and is doing through your family!

Sally said...

Hooray - a blog post!
The new house sounds wonderful - and it's great to hear how God has faithfully provided for you all. I miss you so much - and it's going to be really sad to be in Maputo without you this August. I could do with your sisterly wisdom as to how to cope without Tom when he goes in 7 weeks :-(

t marie said...

I love all the exciting changes happening for you.

Kecia said...

Yeah, it's summertime, and we're all getting back into blog world! :) I can't wait to see Camp Harris. And you.
(Mike power washed our fence today, and it looks amazing.)
Love you!
wv: yearseys old blogger must think we are