Sunday, June 03, 2012

On my mind today......

I'm home from church today with a sick girl.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to update you on what is going on in my mind.  HA HA HA!

*Let's start right there......I write "HA HA HA" because I refuse to write LOL (oops, I just wrote it).  For some reason those 3 letters irritate.  Am I the only person that gets irritated over really, really dumb things?  Like at work I have these really ugly blue Post-It notes (I use Post-Its a lot) and every time I use them they make me mad.

*If I ever go into a coma, will someone remind my family to have my face waxed every week or so since I won't be there to pluck, trim and otherwise control the facial hair growth?  If they don't I'm pretty sure I would grow a full beard and mustache within a couple of weeks.  (And why did I think that mustache had an "o" in it??

*In our new house we have a stand alone (is that what you call it?) bathtub with a shower.  That means I have to have a shower curtain that goes all the way around the tub.  Do they make extra long shower curtains for that?  Or do I use two?  I've never done this before.

*When our last few bananas became overly ripe on the kitchen counter a couple of weeks ago a flock of fruit flies arrived.  Even after the bananas were gone, the flies stayed.  They are driving us crazy.  I have had a few fresh veggies sitting out, gifts from a friend's garden, and the flies love those.  I read about a home remedy to get rid of them where you put apple cider vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid in a bowl and it will attract them.  I'm going to try it once I get some apple cider vinegar.

*Someone gave us yellow squash from their garden last week and it was SOOO good.

* I saw some Brazilian ladies in Target last night and attempted a conversation in Portuguese.  It didn't go so well.  I'm SO out of practice.  I understood everything they said, though!

*We hope to move into our house at Camp Harris in a week or two.  The floors are pretty much finished and the big appliances in place and hooked up.  There are just a few more things to get done before we can move in.   For a few days our commode was sitting on our front porch. Thankfully that's been moved back to where it should go.

*As much as I don't want to like the sitcoms on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I like them.  Their kid actors are so good!

*Meditating on James chapters 1,2 3

*Now I'm off to take care of the sick girl.


The Walkers said...

Hahaha...enjoyed seeing inside your mind for a minute. Hope you have a great day! Love you!

t marie said...

I'm a hahaha girl too. I'm not a total LoL hater, but I'm not a fan either.

Kecia said...

LOL, I know, I HATE facial hair, LOL! And I was invaded by fruit flies last week, LOL. Put out a bowl of old sprite with mushy strawberries and water and left it out until they all drowned, LOL. It took several days (LOL) but I finally got rid of them all.
And I can't stand Shake It Up or Ant Farm, but Good Luck Charlie makes me laugh. No LOL.
Love you! (She said sweetly and innocently)

sally said...

Angie, I can't help with the fruit fly problem but I can say that:

- I have never used "lol"; I just can't do it. So I end up saying "ha ha" etc - which makes me look old/behind the times - but I don't care. I will never lol.

- Moustache has an o in it in English i.e. non-American English. Maybe that's how they spell it in South Africa?

Lots of love from a cold and rainy England xx