Friday, March 09, 2012


If you are my Facebook friend and happened to see a recent status update you know that our family will not be returning to Mozambique. We feel that the Lord has led us back to the U.S. and we wait expectantly on what he has for us to do here.

Moving back to America has been just as dramatic and in some ways as uncomfortable as leaving to move overseas in 1997. I continue to occasionally experience reverse culture shock. I still get excited about going to Walmart. Our family feels like fish out of water sometimes. But we are adjusting and are peaceful and joyful about where we are.

We are still in north Louisiana. We are praying about job possibilities for Charlie. He has interviewed for a job that he really wants and feels really great about. Hopefully we'll have news to share about that soon.

Will continues to walk to and from school each day and people still tell him they feel sorry for him for walking - even though he chooses to walk to school. People in this part of America don't seem to realize that in most of the rest of the world people actually walk everywhere!

I will continue to blog about this new season and this adventure we call life!


Mich said...

Prayers as you make these changes. As a south Arkansas gal, you are not too far away. :)

t marie said...
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t marie said...

(I accidentally deleted my comment the first time.) :/

I understand, all too well, the concept of waiting for God to reveal His path. I will pray.

000 said...

Hey this is Dan Pennell. I just happened to Google Charlie Lechner this morning b/c Charlie came to mind. How do I get in touch with you guys? What is Charlie's mobile number? Would love to reconnect!!
My mobile is 864.238.9432. email: