Thursday, December 01, 2011

Catch Up #2 - November

Nov. 1 - my parents arrived from
Nairobi, Kenya for a vacation/mini furlough.

And my sister came from Ohio.....and we three
girls were together for the first time since 2001!

My niece Emily and I hanging out in the
back of the van on the way to church.
Can't believe she turns 23 tomorrow!

Tuesday before Thanksgiving we visited
our good friends, The Harrisons, in
Prosper, Texas. Our visit was too short.



Ashley and Luke playing Wii.
They are eerily very much alike.

Sweet little Chloe.

Will and Kelsey!

The next day we drove from Prosper to Charlie's
sister Alex's house in Rowlett, Texas.

This is Alex's sis-in-law Sassie making
sausage balls, which we consumed very quickly.

Looking down on the living room.
Notice the "tiny" Doberman, Oso.

Alex's husband, Lawrence, frying turkeys.

Our brother-in-law Glenn enjoying
the big screen TV.

Charlie's stepdad, James.

Charlie's youngest sisters - Becca and Alex

Charlie's mom, Dorothy, and Alex's
mother-in-law, Belinda.

Cousins enjoying some soccer.




Some people slipped into
Thanksgiving comas......


Luke in his first resting place.

Resting place #2

Thanksgiving night we drove down to
Stephenville where Charlie's mom lives.

Playing Bezzerwizzer.
Charlie and Coleson (and Molly)
were a team. They won.

James, Maggie and I were a team.
Maggie didn't help us much.

Becca and Glenn were troopers.
They hate trivia games but they
played anyway. Thanks guys!

Dorothy and cousin Scheryl were a
really good team!

Coleson and his "Tiger Tunes" smile.

Saturday after Thanksgiving we drove up to
Ft. Worth to see our old friends Tony and
Jackie Barrett and their girls Amy and Tory.
We have been friends since seminary days and
they are SO special to us. Unfortunately we
only had about 3 hours with them.

After visiting the Barretts we drove back to
Louisiana! Whew.....we were tired.
Sunday we spoke at a church in Arkansas
and forgot the camera so we didn't get pictures
of family and 3/4's of the Sandusky family!

Monday night Luke had a basketball game
And that brings us to the end of the November photos!


Mich said...

Loved all the pictures. Looks like you have had a busy but very fun few weeks full of family and friends.

Kecia said...

The kids all look so grown up!! I especially love the picture of Becca and Alex. :)

Naeem said...

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t marie said...

OMW. I'm worn out for you. That was quite trip. Looked like lots of fun.