Thursday, December 01, 2011

Catch Up #1...October!

Because our computer was sick I am way
behind in posting pictures.

Oct.6th.....we celebrated Will and Maddie's birthday!
Will turned 17. Maddie (close family friend)
turned 23, I think. Fun was had by all.

Homecoming Weekend at OBU!
It was wonderful to get together with
these friends, some I had not seen in over
20 years! I love these girls.

And some of our kids.

Next came Homecoming
weekend at Luke's school.
He's in 7th grade and was asked
to escort one of the high school girls.

Then Homecoming at Will's
school. This was a first for my
guys. Both were asked by their
dates to wear all black.

Will's first soccer game.
It was 37 degrees!

And finally.....Halloween.
We carved a pumpkin.....a first for my kids, too.
We have not had a fall in the U.S. since 2001.
And that fall I had just given birth so I wasn't
into celebrating and decorating.
I thought our punkin' turned out cute!

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Kecia said...

Good times!