Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moving In.......with totally out of order pictures!

Last Saturday we moved
Coleson into his dorm at OBU.

After I had taken about 8 pictures the
battery on our phone died and the alternate
battery was in the car which was parked
far, far away and no one wanted to go get it.
And, when I upload pictures onto blogger,
I sometimes load them in the wrong order
and I don't know how to move them around.

Coleson unlocking his door!

Friends came by to visit -
Nancy, whose family is on stateside
assignment from South Africa, and Sean
their son who just graduated in May from OBU.

Moving stuff in!

This is after his bed is made.

Coleson, Paul and Nathan putting
together a shelf. Notice the beds
the back are bunked.

Waiting to park in front of the dorm


Let us out.......

because all 4 of us have been crammed
in the back seat for 2 and a half hours!!

MK cousins:
Kimberly, Paul, Nathan,
Coleson and Will.
Kimberly is a current OBU student,
Nathan is going to school in Texas,
Paul and Coleson are roommates.
Will, 10th grader, was mistaken 5 times
that day as an incoming freshman.


whimzie said...

But that leaves the burning question....How are YOU doing?!

Kecia said...

I don't think my first comment worked, so I'm trying again. So don't think I'm stupid(er) if you get this twice!
It made me laugh to see Coleson's room compared to my friend's daughter Shelby's room--the girls had a few more decorative items!
And I was kind of glad Jessica stayed home from our BCM luau the other night, so that no one could mistake HER for a college freshman!

Angie said...

Amy, I'm doing fine! Thanks, for asking.

Kec, the guys on their floor comment that their room is so clean! I think it is stark and needs some posters or something. Of course, I haven't seen it in a week, maybe they've added some decorations.