Monday, August 29, 2011

More things I'm enjoying about America

* Going to Walmart late on a Sunday night to pick up milk and cereal.

*Friends with Netflix who can order a movie to watch on their TV with an app on their phone!

*Clorox wipes

*The dishwasher!

*The dryer and dryer sheets. My laundry smells so good.

*I'm still enjoying the library.

And a kid update:

Coleson had a great first week of college. He's feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out his schedule with classes and a work study job. But he has managed to join a group who will perform for Tiger Tunes (if you don't know what this is, look up OBU Tiger Tunes on YouTube) and join an intramural football team.

Will tried out for the soccer team at Minden High and still gets asked everyday why he's not playing football. He also joined the school newspaper and is making new friends every day. America is still a strange place to him but for the most part he is enjoying it.

Luke is now in 7th grade (they allowed him to move up a grade) and is enjoying it. He LOVES his teachers. Yesterday he went with the new 7th graders at church for lunch and indoor putt-putt golf and had a blast.

Abby likes school although she says the 9 boys in her class (and only 4 girls) are annoying. She is adjusting well. She is enjoying playing with all the birthday presents she received a few weeks ago. So far she doesn't have much homework.

Oops, gotta dryer is beeping!


whimzie said...

I like when you post the things you're enjoying because it reminds me of the many things I don't think about through the day that I take completely for granted.

Glad everyone's getting settled.

ashley said...

So good to hear updates on your kids!!! Cannot believe Coleson started college, but I'm confident that with examples like you and Charlie, he will do well!!!