Monday, April 25, 2011


Well I am back after a very long hiatus.
I had so many ideas for posts but just didn't
take the time over the last few, very busy, weeks
to write anything.

Since I last wrote, we went to Malawi for a week
for our annual meeting with other missionaries
from Mozambique, Malawi and part of Zambia.

This involved driving from Maputo to Johannesburg,
South Africa then flying to Malawi then taking a
bus to our meeting place. It was quite the trip!

Our meeting, which took place on the shores of
Lake Malawi, was a great time of fellowship and
refreshment. Thanks to the Nalls for this photo of
our family. I still haven't uploaded ours pics from
our camera. This picture was taken the day we
were leavingMalawi. Do you notice anything about
my kids??They are growing up very fast!!! And the two
biggest ones are very tall and very hairy. And very sweet. :-)
The tall one on the far left graduates from high school
in a few weeks......but I'm not thinking about that right now.

After our week in Malawi we flew back to Johannesburg, South Africa for a
week of doctor's appointments, bloodwork, shots, etc.. We saw pediatricians,
GPs, optometrists, dentists, dermatologists, and the nurse at the travel clinic.
That's where we went to have our immunizations updated. That was a doozy of
a day! Abby fared the best with only having to have 4 injections, Coleson
got 5 and the rest of us 6 .....three in each arm! We were quite sore the next day.
Thankfully by the end of the week we were all declared healthy
and were able to return to Mozambique.

Since returning, we have passed around some illness. At first we thought it was a
reaction to one (or more) of the immunizations, which I guess it could be. Anyway,
severalus have been struck with similar symptoms over the last 3 weeks.
(I'll spare you the details.) Hopefully Luke, who is home today from
school with symptoms, will be the last one to be sick.

Another exciting bit of news is that my good friend Deanna, author of
Recycled Lovelies, and her family have moved back to Mozambique. They lived
here for 3 years then moved back to the states in 2007. We are REALLY glad
they are back. I'm excited to see what kinds of things she will recycle and make
lovely here in Mozambique.

And last, but not least, I've had a birthday since I last wrote!

(I like this picture, the shadows cover up my chins!)

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Kecia said...

Crazy how busy we are!! Your kids are growing up and I just love them that much more. Can't wait to see you this summer! :)