Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things Are Crazy Around Here

Here's why:

* We leave for our furlough/stateside assignment in 4 weeks. Our house has to be completely packed up before then. While some things are packed, we still have a LONG way to go.

*I've been trying to purge and sell things we don't need anymore and won't need in the future. My belief is that if it's been in a box for 5 years there's a pretty good chance I won't ever need it again. I'm also trying to adopt Kecia's mantra: "Fight the hoard!"

* Our oldest child graduates from high school in 2 weeks. I don't feel old enough or emotionally mature enough to be the mother of a high school graduate. Or a college freshman.

*We will be having house guests in the midst of all the packing. And that's OK as long as they don't mind the mess and the boxes and the piles. They all have been forewarned.

*Did I mention that my house is full of messes, boxes, and piles of junk?

*Oh, I forgot - we'll be hosting a graduation party on the night of graduation, in the midst of the mess and boxes and piles. Hopefully things will look a little better around here by then.

*I had an indoor "jumble sale" and got rid of a lot of things but I need to have another one. Our verandah is full of things that must go!

*I am slightly worried about how we accumulated SO MUCH junk!

*Our washing machine broke 2 weeks ago. It's still under warranty so it's in the shop. If after 3 weeks it can't be fixed then we get our money back or a new machine.

*In the meantime I've hired a lady to come to our house 3 days a week to wash our clothes by hand. She does a good job and is fast!

*We recently passed some kind of illness around our family. I thought I would be spared but I got a mild version of it last week.

*I'm not sleeping very well. And every time I sit still during the day I fall asleep. I've been trying hard to NOT nap in the daytime so I can sleep all night.

*My Uncle JC is in ICU in Little Rock on a ventilator and things are not looking good. He recently had surgery and was starting treatment for skin cancer but that has been overshadowed by his congestive heart failure. We are praying for the whole family and wishing we could be near to them.

*All my clothes are falling apart yet I dread going clothes shopping in America in 4 weeks!!! Is there a Mu-Mu's R Us? Or a Toe-Sack Dress.com??? Because that's all I think I will be able to find to fit me.


Charlie said...

Things are crazy around here...but you have a wonderful way of helping us all make our way through it, without too much crazy sticking to us.
Thanks Bear, I love you.

Kecia said...

My house is full of boxes and messes and piles, too. I so understand. In the last 2 weeks I have packed and unpacked to move, packed and unpacked for New Orleans, and packed for Slovenia. I really wished you were here last night to help me with that one!

Cindy Walker said...

You WILL survive the next few weeks! And when you get here WE will go shopping together (and it WON'T be at Muu Muu's R US or Toe Sacks or whatever ....

Love you ALL! Hang in there!