Wednesday, January 05, 2011

We interrupt the previously scheduled post- Christmas blog post......

for a weather update. It is HOT AND STEAMY in the southern hemisphere and I have the swollen ankles to prove it. OH MY WORD! I drank enough water yesterday to fill a swimming pool and ankles were back to normal by this a.m.. (after 57 trips to the bathroom) That is until I got out of bed this a.m. and started walking around. I'm sure the sodium in the caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper I drank for breakfast didn't help. But I'm back to my water now. And going to the bathroom.

Because it's hot I do not feel like taking down the Christmas tree or Christmas decorations. We have an AC in our living room that we turn on at night while we are lounging and watching TV.
Maybe tonight when it's cool we can all chip in and de-decorate the tree.

And in hair news - a few months ago I got the WORST haircut of my life - well the cut itself was OK but it did not suit my head, my body, my triple chins, nor the shape of my face. And, my normally fast growing hair seems to have stopped growing. Anyway, today I took matters into my own hands and tried to shape it up myself. It's OK. It would have been nice if I could have taken off my head, trimmed my hair, then put my head back on. Sorry, no pictures at this time.

Now, maybe I'll go find the camera and upload the rest of the Christmas pictures. After I go to the bathroom.

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