Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Trip Part 2

We stayed at our Baptist guesthouse in
Johannesburg for Christmas. The kids got
a couple of little gifts but their big gift was
cash to spend while there. Here is wooly
Will opening his pseudo Nerf guns that
brought many hours of entertainment to
ALL 4 children over the next few days.

Coleson, Abby and Luke trying to wake up.

Our Lechner Family traditional
Christmas breakfast - cinnamon rolls
and scrambled eggs.

We spent Christmas Day with our good
friends the Haber family. Luke was
thrilled to receive Charms Blow Pops!


Elizabeth and Coleson

Nice...... caffeine free, diet Dr. Pepper!!

Will got a car for

Elaine and Elizabeth

The turducken!
It was delicious.

The Lechner Family

The Haber Family

The kids

My sweetie girl

Some scenes from the drive back home
to Mozambique. It was a beautiful day.

We always look for hippos in this river.
*** I just realized that the family pics above
were actually taken on Dec. 26.....I think we forgot
to take pics on the 25th.

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Kecia said...

I love looking at your pictures.
I love your family.
I love you.