Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Trip Part 1

Happy New Year!
I've been a negligent blogger over the holidays,
but I'm back and wanted to show you some
highlights of our trip.

The day the kids got out of school we drove
to the small kingdom of Swaziland (get out your
geography books if you don't know where it is)
to visit our friends Monica and Steve and their
kids Lacie and Nathan. Monica and Steve have
been missionaries in Swaziland for several years.

On the way we found a Wendy's.
Just not the Wendy's we are used to.

We saw beautiful scenery.

Played with Lacie and Nathan.

I loved driving around seeing
the lush, green countryside.

This is the view from Monica and
Steve's backyard!

My two men.
(Coleson turns 18 on Friday....sniff, sniff)

We visited the Swazi Candle Factory.
These candles are handmade and are
exported all over the world.

We enjoyed spending time talking, catching
up and we even spent some time
watching Food Network and eating delicious
cookies baked by Monica. It was a wonderful,
relaxing visit.

The Allen Family-
they are precious and so fun to hang out with.

Leaving Swaziland and heading
to South Africa. We hated to leave.

When I upload the rest of the pictures to our
computer I will write part 2 of the story.
Hopefully before 2012.

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Kecia said...

That view is gorgeous! And if you get a chance, send me the phone # for that Wendy's...I've been wanting me some dreadlocks...