Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Pics and Strange store sightings

OK, so blogger won't let me upload anymore
photos. Oh well......I'll try again another time.
Meanwhile, this is all I have.
Luke playing soccer in a school
tournament recently.

Coleson and Will watching Signs.

Whilst shopping at our local grocery store on Monday, we took a stroll down the toy aisle on the way to the laundry detergent. We noticed a toy soldier that actually crawls on the ground, holding a gun (you put a battery in each leg). The description on the packaging stated:

Warrior Zero: Hour

Controls the world destiny in the future ruler

Army Combat

Combat Temiqles

In the future ruler

Come into the market.

Made in China

Then on the personal hygiene aisle I saw some Bath and Shower Gel… brand offered three different fragrance/flavor options: Aloe Vera, Rose or Chocolate!


Carpool Queen said...

Makes you wonder if they just pull a dictionary down from a shelf and pick random words, huh?

Maddie Anne said...

hahaha Coleson and Will are funny funny boys. Best part of the movie too! Miss y'all.

Kecia said...

Wow, that brought a much-needed laugh today!
I have that ack-ing cough again.