Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

I love these first two pics because I'm
looking at my Mom. I've watched her
my whole life. It's kind of scary to
know someone is always watching you, but
that's what daughters do....they watch their
moms, and they learn. I've learned so
much from my Mom, and I'm still learning.
I'm still watching her.

She's a wonderful cook!
(And she's probably going to kill
me for posting a picture of her
with early a.m. bed-head.)

She's an excellent speaker!
This was the day she spoke in chapel
at our kid's school last year.
She was listening to a little guy answer a question.

She's an animal lover. If I had a nickel for
the number of pets she has had in her lifetime
I'd be rich.....everything from iguanas to deer
to cats and dogs, and now a monkey.

And she's crazy (not in the insane asylum, need-
a- straight- jacket kind of way) She loves to laugh
and she makes others laugh. I got my warped sense
of humor from these two individuals below
(and passed it on to the capped juvenile in the background).

My Mom is many things, to many people.
She's a counselor, an adviser, a help, a nurse,
a champion, an advocate, a minister, a refuge,
a teacher, a learner, a listening ear, a confidante, a chef,
a wife, a sister, a mother, a friend.
Her home is a respite, a hotel, a restaurant,
and during this last year, a hospital.
I've been watching you for 43 years, Mom,
trying to be like you in so many ways.
And even though my feet are bigger than yours,
I could never fill your shoes.

And even though I'm taller,
I still look up to you.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed the pictures and comments. Happy Birthday, Suzan. I agree with everyone're special! Love, Susan Morris

Anonymous said...

That was such a sweet, sweet way to honor your mom.

Those pictures of you looking at your mom reminded me that a little girl is watching me, too. I want to teach her as well as your mom taught you.

Happy Birthday, Angie's Mom!

Carpool Queen said...

Beautiful! And so, so true. I still look and see and watch my mom. She's a wonderful teacher.

PS - Now I want a pet monkey.

Kecia said...

Angie, that was beautiful! What a treasure for your mom to read.
And how sobering to think about what my 3 girls are learning from me...

Jo-Ann said...

I am new to your site and this is such a lovely tribute to your Mom (Happy belated birthday, Angie's Mom!) My Mom celebrates her 89th birthday tomorrow and she has been a good role model to me all these years!

Jo-Ann said...

Angie -- thanks for the nice comments -- I have subscribed to your blog and will look forward to hearing more about your life there in south Africa. God bless you and your family as you serve Him there.

Debbie said...

Beautiful, Angie. What a sweet tribute. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

Hopefulmom said...

What nice things you said about your Mom. That's how I feel about mine, too. I so wish everyone could have moms like ours. The world would be a different place!