Monday, August 23, 2010

A recipe

Today was one of those days where I needed to fix a quick meal and my cupboards were (are!) bare. Well, not totally bare, but missing all the ingredients I needed for an old standby. So I was forced to be a little creative. Have you ever seen that old BBC Foods show "Ready, Steady, Cook" where two contestants are paired up with two professional chefs? The contestants bring a few random items from their kitchen and the chefs have to come up with a meal using those items. I loved that show (maybe there's an American version, I don't know). Anyhow, that's what I felt like this a.m.. So here's my made up recipe for a one dish meal with no help from allr*

And I have no name for it.

oil - olive or canola (or whatever)
1 pkg. bacon (cut into small pieces)
1 lg. onion
1 pkg. elbow macaroni

*Cook macaroni per pkg. instructions. Drain.
*Saute' the onion in approx. 2 tblsp. oil until onions are caramelized.
* Remove onion from pan and add small pieces of bacon.
*Cook bacon until crispy.
*Add onion, bacon and bacon drippings to the cooked pasta. (I use South African bacon so there were very few drippings. I don't know about the bacon in your country. If your bacon leaves you with a whole pan full, I wouldn't use that much. I barely had a tblsp.)
*Mix together with pasta and add salt and pepper to taste

1.This recipe is not low-fat or healthy.
2.If you've read this recipe somewhere before then don't tell me because I don't remember reading it anywhere and I think I made it up and I like feeling all smart and creative today.
3. I guess it is similar to pasta carbonara. Without the cheese.
4. It tasted good.
5. Enjoy!


Carpool Queen said...

Love that show! When Craig and I were first married, we'd go to the grocery store and pick out three random ingredients and the other person would have to cook a meal including them.

It was so much fun.

(And I make a similar recipe except I add in chopped tomatoes and olives. YUM!)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'll eat anything with bacon and onions! Sounds really good!

Cara Beth said...

If I come visit you I'm bringing gluten free flour so you and I can cook together! :)

Kecia said...

You are so creative, and I'm sure it would sound good if I weren't sitting here fighting some kind of bug, waiting for the next time I have to run to the bathroom.