Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning

I am not fond of mornings. I think I wake up most mornings telling the Lord that. I do like them on Saturdays when I wake up to use the bathroom and go back to sleep for as long as I want to. I'm SO thankful for older children who can get their own breakfast!

We had a nice weekend, despite not having water on Friday evening and pretty much all day and night Saturday. When I complained on Saturday night about not smelling very nice and wishing I could take a shower, Charlie wondered out loud how he was going to sleep in the same bed with me! I told him he didn't have to.....he could sleep on the couch! Ha Ha! He didn't think that was very funny. And he didn't sleep on the couch, we both went to bed in need of a shower and woke up Sunday a.m. to lots o'water. I took an extra long shower before we went to church.

Speaking of church, we have started to attend another small church two Sundays a month. When we arrived there yesterday a.m. the leader of the congregation immediately asked Charlie to preach. He said sure and did a great job preaching with no prior knowledge, in Portuguese and with no notes!! And he was calm and smiling. He's my hero.

Then, after church we received what I considered a special blessing. (And I'm not being sarcastic!) We heard them announce during the service that immediately after the service they would be having their "assembleia" or business meeting. ( I don't particularly enjoy church meetings of any form here because a.) they can last a loooonnnngg time and b.) I only understand about 13.5% of what is said because everyone talks so fast and they mix in the local language.) Because we are not members of the church the leader made it a point of telling us that we did not need to stay for the meeting!! Hallelujah.

Even though I slept late on Saturday, I did get up to make breakfast. Well, Charlie and I together made waffles. However, the first batch that went into our very old Black and Decker waffle maker stuck. I mean STUCK. It's Monday a.m. and it's still there. We've all taken turns chipping on it. We can only seem to chip small bits away. Anyone have any advice on how to get it out? I can't immerse the waffle maker to soak it. Maybe I could just put a little water on it to saturate it and soften it up. Thankfully we own two waffle makers so the other one had to do for making waffles for a bunch of hungry people.


Cara Beth said...

Wow! I'm impressed with Chucky Man! I would love to hear him preach in Portuguese. :)

Carpool Queen said...

My dad always kept a sermon tucked into his Bible because he never knew when he'd be asked to preach.

He still does, though he's been retired for 15 years.

Kecia said...

Have you tried laying a wet washcloth on it? Maybe even a soapy wet one. We tried blackberry waffles once and they stuck BAD.