Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

These are the curtains I started.
My first ever. I still have 6 panels
left to complete.


This guy in our church makes
these djembes. Very cool.


First day of 12th grade for Coleson.
First day of 9th grade for Will.
For those of you who know Coleson,
his new hair color was a summer "project".

Tim, Charlotte, and Sarah Cearley visited us last week.
Tim is our Affinity Group Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa
and they were on the final leg of a several country road trip!
We enjoyed them so much. Here they are - more towards
the beginning of their trip - when they visited the Nalls in Tete.
BTW, if you haven't ever read the Nalls blog (just look over the the right)
you should check it out. God is using them and their Mozambican
partners to share the gospel with people who have never heard.
And they are a precious family.


Remember when I blogged about Tiago here?
His grandmother, Rosa, brought him by for a
visit this week. And she had a request. She
asked me to write a letter to the orphanage
where she is planning to leave Tiago for a few
years (yes, YEARS!). She doesn't make enough
money to take good care of him and she wants to
leave him at an orphanage where he will be well
taken care of, until he's about 8. (This is a
common practice in Mozambique.) She wanted me
to write a letter, asking the orphanage to not
allow him to be adopted and taken to another
country during that time because she wants him
back. (I'm not sure why she thinks I have some authority
and that the orphanage will do what I say!)
I so wished we could take him,
but it's not what we are supposed to do right now.
Plus, every time I tried to hold him he screamed. :-)
Pray for Tiago and Rosa. He's 18 months old.
Pray that God will give Rosa work so that she
doesn't have to leave Tiago.


This is Sweet Baby James, the son of our
colleagues Todd and Tia. He was born last Friday.
So sweet and tiny.


And last but not least,
Luke's latest artistic creation.


Carpool Queen said...

I just prayed for that little boy. I know things like that happen, but it makes my heart so sad.

On a brighter note, your curtains are very cute. Well done!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your curtains are very cute!!!!!

Mich said...

great pictues.

happy weekend

Kecia said...

I love looking at your pictures. And I prayed for Tiago, too.