Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ten on the Tenth on the Eleventh, again

I hate to be late. But I am.....again. I'm joining in with Meredith
on her Ten on the Tenth post.

Here are a few random photos taken around
here in the last month.

This is my cool dude son Luke.
I'm not sure what was tied around his leg this day.
I'm sure it had something to do with his
secret, undercover spy activities.

A couple of weeks ago our middle son Will went on
his annual school trip. Charlie went along as a chaperone.
This year their trip was to a nearby adventure camp run by
our friends Stacie and Jim. They did have an adventure.
More than one, actually. Charlie even continued his adventure by
bringing home a tick which developed into tick-bite fever.
The antibiotics are working well, thanks.
More pictures to follow. I just did not load them on here
in the right order. Obviously I'm a computer genius.

This is Rufus, our really scraggly street cat
who eats and sleeps in our laundry room.
Do you like our high-tech security system....
glass embedded into the cement at the top of the wall?
It's a common sight in 3rd world countries.

The view from our bedroom window.
The Indian Ocean.
That's our neighbor's pool.
I've been coveting that pool a lot lately.

Abby hijacked the camera one day last week.

Another shot of Charlie on the school trip.
He deserves a special award and extra jewels in his
heavenly crown for chaperoning jr. high boys on
a camping trip that involved donkeys, heat, LOTS of
walking, live chickens, killing and cooking live
chickens and real live fire. And did I mention jr. high boys?

This is #2 son Will on one of their adventures
involving Ralph the donkey and going on a trek
using coordinates and a GPS. They were required
to find the items they would need for dinner that night:
chickens, fire wood, manioc.
Ralph was not a willing participant and once
he actually sat down.
The part of Balaam was played by my son Will.
The part of the donkey was played by Ralph.
Thankfully Ralph never uttered a word.
Numbers 22:22-30

Meet Baby Tiago (James). I named him!
His grandmother came to my gate with him last
year when he was tiny, begging for food. His
mother (her daughter) and abandoned him. On
that first visit I asked his name and she said, "he
doesn't have one. You can name him." So I did.
I was so worried about him when she first came.
He looks great now. She is taking good care of him.
He's trying to walk, was eating a guava and didn't mind
one bit this big white lady holding him.

When Luke isn't being a spy or superhero he's
drawing them. Two of his favorite characters are
Quaker Man and his trusty side-kick Speed Bump.
I can totally see him being the next Stan Lee.
(And financing his poor, old missionary parent's retirement.)

Our two oldest boys were recently in a school play.
Coleson played Dr. Van, a doctor treating
teachers in a mental institution.
I think he looks quite dashing in his scrubs.


Carpool Queen said...

Change the cat's name to Mish and put concertina wire on the wall and you have what surrounded MY house growing up.

Except without the view of the Indian Ocean.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That view is AMAZING!!!!!! Wow.

I find your life so fascinating, Angie. Seriously. If I could afford to visit, I so would.

Cara Beth said...

haha! This post was extra funny to me for some reason. I love you and your crazy life! PS. I could totally see Coleson as a DR!

Mich said...

Love all the pictures!!!

Kecia said...

Your kids are so awesome--each one of them. I could just eat them up.
And didn't you just want to take Tiago home and keep him? I'm glad his grandmother's doing such a good job. I've just been wanting to hold babies lately--maybe because I'm going to be a BCM grandmother in October!!

O Mom said...

Wow what an amazing life your pictures tell. That view is beautiful, but so is the picture of you holding that little boy.....

nevalia said...

nice blog

i like your blog