Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thoughts on Wednesday, Chapter 2

I'm not sure why I always seem to post on Wednesdays. Maybe it's because it's my best day for procrastinating. So here I go!

*Charlie is in Malawi this week at a meeting, so our family is "head-less" this week. Abby always sleeps with me when he's out of town. She is not the easiest person to sleep with but she's very sweet. During the night she will snuggle up next to me and hold my hand or put her arm over me. She also tries to sleep on MY half of the bed.

*Last night I finally caved to my kid's requests and made Pioneer Woman's chicken fried steak. Even though the crust fell off one side of a few of the steaks and eating them took at least 3 years off my life, they were delicious. My kids love her cookbook and love to read me excerpts.
*Because we live here we have "missed out" on many American TV shows over the years. That is good and bad. To fill the "American TV Show Void" in our lives (because we might all stop breathing and our growth would be stunted if we did not watch American TV shows!) we borrow seasons of shows from Ameircan friends who have them. One family we've nicknamed "Blockbuster" because they have SO many movies and TV series(s) and will happily loan them out to people. (Except they don't make us fill out a form, have a membership card or pay, which I really appreciate.) ANYWAY, I recently borrowed season 1 of Heroes. That is one whacked-out show. I've only watched maybe 6 episodes but I'm not sure I can keep going. We have borrowed a few episodes of Petticoat Junction, Home Improvement, I Dream of Jeannie, Remington Steele, to name a few. My two youngest are now currently in love with "Little House on the Prairie". And they now officially hate Nellie Olson.

*Because of the cost of electricity here we hang our clothes outside on our laundry lines to dry. I do have a dryer, which I occasionally use, but it has some serious problems right now and takes about 3 hours to dry one load of towels!!! (and that is not an exaggeration) I have not been enjoying hanging out the clothes because it has been so HOT and MUGGY which makes me sweat and drench my undergarments. I do not like wearing drenched undergarments. I should be used to it now but I don't know if I will ever get used to it. UGH!

*Today the youth group I lead will be visiting the oncology ward at the Central Hospital here in Maputo. This will be a first for us - to do something outward focused. I'm praying that we will be a blessing to the kids there.

* I read this a.m. that older women need an HOUR of exercise to control flab. Somehow I think my flab will continue to be out of control.

*I've recently gone off caffeine again after allowing it to creep back into my diet. Sunday I stopped, cold turkey. By Monday I had the horrible, ibuprofen-makes-no-difference headache. Tuesday the same. I felt like people I've seen on TV with a hangover (No, I've never had a hangover) who complain when someone talks and accuses them of yelling. Loud noises were killing my head. THANK THE LORD I woke up headache-free today.

*Across the street from our house is a neighborhood park. Just 2 weeks ago someone opened a cafe/restaurant just behind the playground. We've sampled their pizza and ice cream and we were so happy to have something so nice so close to our house. Last night about 8:00 eight armed men robbed the cafe, forcing the patrons of the restaurant to lay on the floor. The banditos took everyone's cell phones, cash from the cash register and even made away with chicken and beer. I'm just glad we hadn't walked over their for dinner last night. Scary.

*Copying scripture. We have a friend who copies scripture. Instead of just reading the Bible, he copies it down into notebooks. I'm not sure how many times he's made it through the Bible. Anyway, I thought I would try it and see if it enhanced my reading. It does! I really like copying God's word into a journal. It makes me concentrate on each word.

*I have no idea what I'm going to make for dinner tonight.

* I wonder if I have time to take a nap before picking the kids up from school.

*I'm ignoring the big pile of ironing that must be done.

*Now you know all the random thoughts in my head and you can go about your day!


ashley said...

I love reading your random thoughts! I just made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls this morning - you gotta try them! I too am hoping to trade the pile of laundry (although I DO have a dryer) for a nap this afternoon. Take care and thanks for being so real!

Kecia said...

I enjoyed reading both these list-y posts. And my girls take turns sleeping with me when Mike's gone. I wouldn't let them at Mom's house, since the bed there is smaller, so tonight--I sleep with Jessica.
Someday I'll catch up my blog...
(word ver: sultree Is that describing you??)