Monday, May 04, 2009

Luke's Birthday!

Luke turned 10 on Saturday.
The festivities started on Friday 
night with pizza and a movie with friends.

Luke and his two best buds -
Jared and Punit.
They slept over Friday night.

A candy pizza - compliments
of Jared's mom, Karla!
It was yummy.

The next day Luke opened presents.
He was thrilled to get a book he had asked for.
They are so cute.  Luke loved the Knex that
Jared gave him.  Yes, they are dressed alike.

And if the candy pizza the night
before wasn't enough sugar!
Luke requested mathematical symbols
on his cake and the soccer ball candles
he picked out last month.


Gretchen said...

Mathematical symbols? Never heard of that one. Must be a numbers genius. I can admire, but not relate. Happy b'day to Luke! My 10ager just spent most of her allowance on a "Wimpy Kid" book. She read it in the car and chortled the whole drive home.

That candy pizza looks awesome.

Kecia said...

Happy Birthday Lukers!!
Those are the best mathematical symbols I've ever seen on a cake. Looks like fun for everyone!

Katie Nalls said...

That's one handsome 10-year-old. We are glad to see he has his hair back like he likes it now :)! Happy Birthday Luke!!

Brent and Cara Beth said...

Your cakes crack me up! :) They are amazing. Wish you were here to cook me a cake, a gluten free one, of course. :) Love you lots! How about you just hop on the place with Chris and fly here for a while.

Steve, Monica, Lacie and Nathan Allen said...

Wow...Happy Belated Birthday Luke! It seems like yesterday but I met your precious family for the first time when Luke was born in South Africa while you were all at BIMS. Wow...time goes so quickly! We really do want to see you guys sometime soon!

Raychel Marie said...

Wait!.....10 already. Wasn't his first birthday like only 5 years ago when we were all in South Africa. How did this happen?!?!