Tuesday, May 05, 2009


*For a gorgeous sunrise this a.m..  I glanced at it briefly as I got back in bed and reset the clock to give myself 15 more minutes to sleep.

*For bananas grown in our yard, even though the sap from the stalk is like rubber cement and had to be scraped off the cabinet and the cutting board.  This was my first encounter with banana stalk sap.  Do you think that's what they used for glue before there was Elmers?

*For my 10 year old who had to memorize a chunk of verses from Hebrews 11 for school.  It was sooooo difficult and many tears were shed, but he did it.  Thankful that God promises his Word won't return void and knowing that God will use these awesome verses in his life in the years to come.

*That I get to see one of my best friends in the whole wide world next week.....Kecia!  She and her husband, Mike, are bringing a team of university students here to Mozambique to work for a week and a half.  You can read about their preparations here.  Kecia and I were roommates in college and best friends.  Unfortunately, after college our visits have been few and far between.... they moved to Idaho and we moved to Africa.  That made dropping in for coffee a bit difficult.  I'm so looking forward to visiting with her in between ministry projects.  She and I will be doing the cooking for the whole group, so I'm sure we will get in lots of talk-time.

*For my friend Michelle in Malawi, who faithfully reads this blog (even though she can't see the pictures) and writes me emails and always encourages me.  Can't wait to see you in July!!!!!

*For hot water and a great shower.  That's where I'm headed right now!

Bom dia!


Carpoolqueen said...

Bananas from your own yard are a very cool thing. And visits from a friend? Ohh I can hear the giddinness in your voice. That will be such a precious time together.

And I in awe of your self-discipline to only stay in bed 15 minutes longer - I hit the snooze four times this morning.

Gretchen said...

My son has a banana addiction. Seriously. I have to look at him with my mean eyes on every day, and tell him: only 2! Very cool to have a tree.

Lurve your upcoming visit with Kecia. Pictures, please.

Hooray for your son. I enjoy reading the Bible, going to church, and classes, going to choir and worship team, but if it's not a song, I have hard time memorizing it. So I've been known to do a funny thing other than rote rehearsal. I saw one time that Amy Grant puts memory verses to music in her head. Being just like Amy and all, I thought I would try it. Her goal is not to make a song, but to just link the words for memory's sake.

When I follow thru and do it, it works for me. I say all this because it looks like you're a musical fam, and that might work for him, too. But no matter how he did it, I'm so happy for him.

Brent and Cara Beth said...

I'm very jealous of Kecia and Mike. I really wanted to go on that trip. Enjoy your time together! Love ya!