Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last night and Last month

Last night was "potluck" at our kid's school. 
About every 6 weeks all the kids, parents and teachers
get together on a Friday night for the kid's to perform
and we bring snacks to share.  Listening to every grade
perform something (sometimes two items!) makes me glad there
 are only 50 kids in their school!   

Me greeting my friend Patricia, Abby's first grade teacher.
Abby's current teacher (2nd grade), Julie, is sitting 
to the left of Patricia.  I love those ladies.
Abby enjoying the night.
Coleson accompanied his friend Canan on guitar.
Will's science class performed a skit about how white
blood cells would attack a virus entering the nasal
cavity.  He was a B-cell.
My guitar class.  They did so well.
Luke is so chill with his guitar.


A few weeks ago we visited the local game reserve
about an hour outside of our city.  
We enjoyed searching for the animals that 
supposedly live there.

This ostrich was the first animal we saw.
Can you see it?
Because this park contains no predators,
Charlie let Will and Luke ride on top
of the car for awhile.  They LOVED it.
Abby did not ride holding onto the side....we
had stopped to take pictures.
We saw zebras.
And zebras.
Oh look, it's another zebra!
We've heard that they also have a few giraffe and
some buffalo but we did not spot any.
Abby enjoying the hammock at the little cafe
inside the park.  She was so stressed from 
all the wild animals we had seen!


Carpoolqueen said...

My brother used to raise ostriches. They can be mean! And I love zebras. Looks like fun.

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt Mozambique said...

Great pics, Ang! I think I saw the missing giraffes on the road to Nelspruit last week! :) 3 of them, REALLY close to the road.

Cara Beth said...

Love all of these pics! But it made me sad that I have a guitar just sitting in my closet. I wish you were here to teach me how to play!

Gretchen said...

Man, Abby seems to be your mini-me!

Darling pictures. Lurve Mr. Ostrich.

We have an Olympic Game Wildlife park here. No zebras. But buffalo, retired bear "actors" who wave, and plenty o' yaks and elk.

I wish I were in your guitar class.

sally said...

Oh it makes me really nostalgic to see the CAM potluck! Thank you for posting the photos. I think Will makes a really good B-cell.

Kecia said...

Love the pictures!! I can't believe I'll see it all in person in less than 2 months! :)
(The word verification is "dometery" that another word for camel or what we lived in at OBU?)