Monday, March 23, 2009


OK,  so I really didn't want to post pictures ANYWAY!!!  Blogger annoys me sometimes.

I'll just write instead of post pictures.  Church was good yesterday.  I only had to referee one skirmish among the offspring.  The music was lively and full of dancing and joy as we praised the Lord.  And I sort of followed the sermon.  It helped that he repeated himself a lot.  Our pastor was out of town and a young man in the church preached.  After church I went with 3 other ladies to visit a young mom whose twin babies have been sick.  The young mother lives with her grandmother about 4 houses away from the church. 

When we arrived the grandma brought out some plastic chairs (2 borrowed from the neighbors) for us to sit in under the mango tree.  After we were seated she greeted each one of us with a kiss on each cheek then she sat on a straw mat on the ground.  The leader of our group, Vitoria,  began asking the grandma in Shangaan (local dialect) about her granddaughter and the twins.  Thankfully, the twins were better but they and the mom were not there yesterday.  Another lady, Rosa, who was sitting to my left, translated this conversation into Portuguese for me.  After conversing a bit more,  Vitoria asked if we could pray for the family.  The grandma said yes but first she had to go inside to get a cloth to tie around her head.  When she returned we each took turns praying.  I'm so thankful that God created all languages and understood my English.  I'm still not confident enough to pray in Portuguese.  

After praying we kissed the grandma goodbye and were on our way.  I was so relieved to find out that the twins were better.  One in particular was very, very sick last Sunday.  Our family had prayed for baby Daisy all week.

It also felt really good to be able to go and visit with this group of ladies.  Because we don't live in the neighborhood where our church is located I don't often get to participate in activities like that.  The 3 ladies that I went with have always been so friendly and welcoming to me.  I remarked to Charlie today that the younger women in the church are not quite as friendly as the older ladies.  Then I suddenly realized that it's because I AM one of the older ladies.  Of course the 20-somethings are not going to buddy up to me.  I'm old to them!!! 


Luke had a rough night last night, starting with a bad allergy attack then he had upset stomach during the night.  He never woke me up to tell me (that's a first!) but was reluctant to get out of bed this morning.  After finally making it downstairs, he had a melt-down in the kitchen.  Life was just too hard.   There were tears and despair.  Until I gave him some Dr. Pepper flavored Jelly Bellies. Then he was all better, ready to face the day.  You can send in my nomination for Mother of the Year at any time.  


Carpoolqueen said...

I remember my mom refereeing skirmishes in church while Dad preached. And then Dad learned to call us out FROM THE PULPIT (in English so no one else would know) and never break stride.

Gretchen said...

While I admit that being unequally yoked has its difficulties, I can only imagine that it's hard being so visible in your church, and having that "fishbowl" with your children. I am dying at CPQ's comment!

Blessings to you for praying with that grandma.

What an interesting culture(s) you see.

Kecia said...

Who knew that Dr. Pepper jelly bellies cured allergies and tummy-aches?! I gotta get Jessica some of those. If she eats a few before bed each night, will it keep her from GETTING UP a bajillion times???