Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The last few weeks in pictures

We spent Thanksgiving week in Johannesburg with my parents.

My Dad and Will

Entertaining ourselves with chopsticks

Abby and my Mom
The week after Thanksgiving I stayed behind in 
Joburg to have the spot on my cheek removed.

My stitches!  (Charlie removed them last Friday!)
Gross, I know.

The day I got back we decorated our Christmas tree.

This past Friday night was the kid's school
Christmas program.

Luke played a shepherd.
He was so confident.
Abby sang with her class.
She loved performing.

Coleson played his version of Carol of the Bells.
It was great.

Will was The Spirit of Christmas Future.
He is such a ham.

Sunday afternoon we made Christmas cookies 
with Chris, Katie and Abigail Nalls


Kecia said...

Yay, I got my pictures! :) I love them. The chopsticks pic made me laugh, and I wish I could've seen the kids perform. Charlie took your stitches out?!?! Yikes.

Holly said...

The Daughter Afghan would make a wonderful gift idea for any daughter!

Gretchen said...

Thanks for catching us up. Great pictures of your family and friends. Boy, your son Will, and Abby and you and your mom look exceedingly alike. Beautiful family all of you, but I really noticed some resemblances among you 4!

Your cheek looks great! No swelling or anything.

Dee Dee said...

It's so fun to see Katie, Chris and Abigail on your blog - we met them when we went to our first interview in New Orleans last year. Katie is who gave us your blog address! Please tell them "hello" for us.

The stitches being taken out scares me a little...

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love these pictures, Angie. All except the stitches!

I don't think I'd let John take mine out. And I don't think he'd do it either. Will had to get staples in his head once and the doc sent us home with a sterile remover. We both looked at his head and promptly drove him to the pediatrician when it was time for them to come out.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!