Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing Much

There's not much going on around here, besides getting ready for Christmas and mopping the sweat drops from our brow. Our summer weather is in full swing here, proving to those of you in the northern hemisphere that there really is such a thing as global warming. It's just warming the southern half of the planet right now!

Today we tried to go to our local grocery to buy a few things. OH MY WORD. Everyone in southern Mozambique was in Shoprite. So we turned around and opted for a much, much smaller grocery store that we like. It's so tiny that if you aren't careful when you turn around in the middle of the aisle you knock merchandise off the shelf. But ,they have TONS of stuff crammed in there and we found almost everything we needed.

Did I mention it's hot here?

It's funny that even though it's hot, I'm very much in the Christmas spirit. We have been listening to Christmas music since Oct. 1, as is our tradition. And we've been talking about Christmas a lot as a family. Also, this year we have watched some great Christmas movies that my kids had never seen - like It's a Wonderful Life and White Christmas. I watched Polar Express for the first time last week and loved it. (I miss Elf. We don't own it and the friends we normally borrow it from moved.)

Not that I need music and movies to make me feel Christmas-y, but it helps! I've also been baking - mostly molasses cookies and banana bread. Which when I type it, looks very boring. I need to get on the ball and bake more before Thursday. Something EXCITING and tasty.

Merry Christmas!


Angela said...

What cool memories you are making for your kids! How long have you lived in Africa? I love that you thought you had been doing good baking until you wrote it down! Merry Christmas!

Bonnie B. said...

Merry Christmas!! Have fun with the baking. :)

Linds said...

I am baking here too, and I remember so well trying to bake in hot temps! My kitchen used to feel like a sauna! And this time I have a mountian to look at out my window, just as I did in Cape Town. Only it is very cold at the moment. Have a wonderful Christmas, Angie!

Gretchen said...

We are such wolves here that everything I bake goes right into our thieving mouths. :) I literally have to sit my children down and tell them that THESE particular goodies (whatever I'm making at the time)are going to this neighbor or that, or they will be eaten nearly as fast as I can get them out of the oven. Of course I do understand that apples don't fall far from their trees. Ahem.

We just rented Elf last night. Wish I could just walk it down to you. :(

Today, I'm sewing a few last minute things (if I ever detach from the computer LOL) and making pumpkin bread. Banana bread and molasses cookies sound awesome to me. :)

Cara Beth said...

Hey, I can mail you the movie ELF! That's one of my favorites. But it probably won't make it there in time for Christmas. :(

Love you!

Kecia said...

Don't you love Polar Express! I wish I could watch it on Imax someday. We watch it every year. I did get to watch the end of Elf with the girls yesterday morning, but haven't seen White Christmas or The Christmas Story this year. We're such '80s TV watchers. We watched 3 Amigos tonight after looking at Christmas lights, and laughed and laughed. Jessica kept saying, "That's dumb."
Love you.

sally said...

Angie your banana bread was fabulous and not at all boring - so don't say anything negative about it - do you hear?????