Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Today is my precious husband Charlie's birthday!  I talked to him this a.m. early and tomorrow I can hug him and give him his birthday presents.  Today he and the kids were going to lunch with friends then to the pool as it is VERY hot in Mozambique.  I love you honey!

Yesterday was my appointment with the plastic surgeon and I now have about a 1 inch incision on the side of my face where the doctor removed the skin cancer.  It only took about 30 minutes and I only felt the initial pin-prick of the anesthetic needle.  The dr.  said they used to call these spots Hudgin's Freckles and would just ignore them until they realized that they were the beginnings of a melanoma!  I am glad to have this one gone from my face.  I have to clean it 3 times a day and apply antibiotic ointment then I can get Dr. Charlie to take out my stitches in a week.  I also have to keep it uncovered, which looks a bit Frankenstein-ish.

So....I get to go home tomorrow - wahoo!  

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