Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dr. visit

I just got back from seeing the surgeon and the soonest he can remove this spot is Friday at noon. It's not what I had hoped but it's better than Monday, which is when he first said he could do it.  I explained that I have 4 kids and a husband who really want me to come home. And he said he only has 2 hands and is booked up every day!  I understand that.  So I'll be happy with Friday.  

He explained that it is a malignant melanoma but it is contained in one spot and is not spreading but it has to be removed.  He also explained that now I have to be so careful about check-ups because I have the propensity to develop more.  He also said my ancestry and the fair hair and blue eyes I inherited don't help much.

I think about how much time I have spent in the sun as a teenager (living in the Caribbean!) applying sun tanning oil NOT sunscreen and how much damage that did!  So folks - apply your sunscreen to yourself and your children!  And I'm going to invest in a big, ugly, floppy hat!


Cara Beth said...

I have a big floppy stylish J-Lo hat that I will let you borrow! It's hott! I bought it on our honeymoon! :)

Barbara said...

I don't get the chance to check blogs much, but I'll be praying... let me know if you get the chance on FB to tell how you're doing... miss ya and praying...

Debbie said...

Here's to joining the sunscreened, big floppy hat girls!

Thanks for the update, Angie. I'll be praying when I wake up at 5 a.m. on Friday morning.

Love to you all (Charlie & Gang, too if you read the comments!)

Gretchen said...

Angie, I'll be praying for you. I'm so thankful you're regular about getting those moles checked. I grew up the same way--suntan oil. Also at high altitude. I figure my days are numbered, and my hubby has already been in to get things removed. Praying for your peace, your surgeon's expert hand to be led by God, and that things at home keep on keeping on for you. ((((hugs)))

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Skin cancers are scary - my mom's family is ravaged by them. They are all fair haired and skinned but thankfully I got my grandfather's Cherokee Indian genes. Hopefully all my sunbathing won't come back to haunt me -though I do have several wrinkles I can thank the sun for. :)

I love your blog. What a cool life you live for our God!