Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Date night and a snake

Charlie and I enjoyed much-needed night out alone last night - browsing at LifeWay, dinner at Olive Garden (yum-O), then shopping at the Boardwalk in Bossier. Can someone explain to me why all new shopping centers in America are now all outdoor shops, not enclosed in a shopping mall?? I can understand walking outside from shop to shop in the winter in Bossier City, Louisiana, but in Toledo, Ohio when it's 10 degrees below zero?? Don't get it. I did enjoy the atmosphere and this one is right on the Red River. It felt fun to walk around and on this Monday night there were very few people out shopping.

Anywhoooo......we had a great time. We went directly to a kitchen store and bought one of these:

I have been wanting one for a long time and now I have one!!!! I never knew a mixer would make me so happy. Even my kids were excited to see it! It's going to make cooking and baking in Mozambique SO much easier. I bought one that has been refurbished so it was almost 1/2 of what a brand new one costs. Plus, we bought a floor model (it was the only white one they had and I wanted white) and got an additional 10% off!

While we were in the store shopping, another shopper stuck her head in the door to alert the store management that there was a large snake outside and maybe someone needed to call security. As it turned out the store employee and CHARLIE rounded up the long, ugly thing and killed it! Charlie bashed it with a broom then stepped on it's head with his heel!!!! (Remember Genesis 3:15?) Then he PICKED IT UP and put it in a garbage bag and the store employee threw it away. Ewwww. I did not watch but stayed safely in the store.


Holly said...

Hi Angie,

I can picture the whole thing and know exactly where you were...'cause we used to go there, too!

yay! for the new mixer!!

Praying for your family today.

Kecia said...

That is hilarious! Charlie the snake killer!
Your new mixer is beautiful. I still have the one Como faculty gave us as a wedding gift!
And I don't know why they don't build more indoor malls...Bossier in August isn't any more fun than Toledo in January!
See you Friday--

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

Glad you had a fun date night. As I live in Ohio I totally agree with you about outdoor malls.

Enjoy your new mixer.

It was great seeing you a few weekends ago.