Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from Ohio

Here are some pictures from our trip to Ohio. We had fun!
The first day we had a picnic at the park by my sister's house.
We discovered that we all stink at badminton!

My seester and me.

My brother Anthony and his wife Diana.

The Davis Family!

Amy showing Will who is the boss!

The cousins at Cedar Point Amusement Park.
Sandusky, Ohio

It was a cool day but some people in the group decided that riding the water rides would be a good idea. Most of them regretted the idea after the ride was over.

Daniel and Abby

The (weenie) ride I regretted riding afterwards.
The next day the guys all went to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Texas Rangers.

Luke reaching one of his life goals - going to a Major League baseball game!
A "South African" reunion - the Steenkamps (they live in Oakville, Ontario now), the McCarthy's (they live in Cleveland, Ohio) and us!

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Kecia said...

Sandusky Ohio--did you think of me? :)
I love the pictures, especially the close up of you and Amy. You two haven't changed in the last 20 years! (Can you believe we've known each other that long???)
I'm in Knoxville tonight...let's catch up soon. love you