Friday, September 21, 2007

Brand Names

Sometimes I miss American brands. Although, when I lived in America I didn't always buy brand name items (unless I had coupons). I love seeing American brands in magazine ads or on people's blogs, like when they post a recipe with pictures of the products/ingredients.

We can get pretty much everything we need, food wise, here in Mozambique. Most of it is imported over the border from South Africa. And that's fine with my family because those brands are all my kids really know, so it's just stuff from home for them.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of our brand names so you could see how similar or different they are.
ADDED PHOTO: Linds, this one is for you, since you asked!
I don't know how I missed this one in my cuboard. :-)

We occasionally can get Heinz Ketchup
but this brand -
All Gold from South Africa - is my kid's favorite.

No Blue Bell or Breyers for us.

It's Nestle Country Fresh from S.A.

Our bread is locally made, but the salt,

Spray-N-Cook (a.k.a Pam in America)

and Rice Krispies are all South African imports.

This is milk from Portugal. It's UHT or long-life

milk which means it can sit on the shelf, unopened

for 50 years or so. The cereal is from S.A..

Notice the Shrek the Third promotion.

Dishwashing liquid. This is usually the only brand

available. Sometimes there are a couple of other options

but they are really watery. The price on this bottle says 67.00.

That's about U.S.$3.00.

On the left you can see how our local sugar is packaged. It's usually

pretty dirty. I have found strings, hair and pieces of paper

in it. I've strained our Kool-Aid and tea through a cloth before

when it was really dirty. It's been cleaner lately. The eggs

are local, sold at the grocery store. (Sometimes they have dried

chicken poop on them.) We never see white eggs

anywhere here. And Jungle Oats are from South Africa.

It's what my daughter eats every morning for breakfast.

And here is something I love. Or like a lot. Diet Coke

is called Coca-Cola Light. Abby was trying

to give the can rabbit ears.


Linds said...

All gold! Jungle oats!!!!! So where is the black cat peanut butter??? I love seeing the labels I remember from SA. We have a little South African shop not far from here, and I always go and buy Royl Creams... the biscuits. My kids love Pronutro too, and of course, Provita biscuits.

Grant said...

Nice! Don't forget Ben & Jerry's!!! Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!!!

Angie, do you have any music for Jabulani Africa? I sent you an e-mail at, but don't know if you still get e-mail there.

Kecia said...

That is so intriguing. I would never have dreamed your sugar and KoolAid would be dirty! It's not quite the same, but...tonight at the Columbia County Fair one of the booths was selling pickled eggs!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Hey there-

I tried to send this to your e-mail address...but it was returned. So, I'll just post my message here: :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by my personal blog and commenting. I met Kecia through blogville and enjoy reading her blog.

I'm a missionary, too! Kind of a fairly new one (only been overseas for one year now). I think I'll start frequenting your blog to feel a little bit of comraderie along the journey.

In regards to your husband has mentioned getting a lock on the refrigerator! I do the same thing with my child's food! If it's left-over, it's fair game! They don't forget a morsel, though! When I buy dessert for my family, if it sits in the fridge for more than 2 is declared mine! That's my new rule! :-) Surely the don't expect me to open the refrigerator every few hours and have to continue staring at it?!? :-)

It's been great meeting you in cyberville.

mer said...

So fascinating to see all your food and brands and packaging. Love the Coca-Cola light...and the mL instead of ounces. Thanks for sharing!