Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Pictures

Here are some pictures for the grandparents.
Will took some pictures the other day.
Most were self-portraits.
Here he is demonstrating gopher teeth,
one of his favorite faces he makes
to try and make us all laugh.
It works.
Luke's face the a.m. after smacking his face on the cement shelf of our pantry.
X-rays revealed nothing was broken.
By the second day he had a nice black eye.

Abby can wear her hair in one pony tail now! Clips help hold it all up.

She wants to wear it like this every day.


Kecia said...

Does Will know the Oregon beaver chant? If not, tell him I'll teach him when you come VISIT!!! He'll love it. He definitely has the face for it. ;) I love all the pictures. I remember the everyday ponytail stage. Do you want me to send you some big southern bows?

Angie said...

Oh yes we know the gopher song well.. It's one our family favorites! I've taught them all the rude and irreverant songs that I know. They also know the milder ones like "Every morning at half-past eight....."

And we have big southern bows. I've hidden them. Her daddy says she is "not a bow-head". :-)