Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday we enjoyed lunch and a birthday celebration with our Pastor and his family. Pastor A's birthday was last week and his daughter had her birthday the week before that. They treated us to delicious grilled chicken, pork ribs, rice and salads then we had three cakes for dessert. After we sang Happy Birthday to them, the birthday dad and daughter fed each other cake like a bride and groom do. The little boy shoving cake in his mouth is their godson Zizeto.

They are a precious family and we love them. Not pictured are their teenage sons, one of whom expertly grilled the chicken and baked the large birthday cake! Also not pictured were our three boys. Two were not there but went to church with friends. Will was just not near the camera when I was snapping.


Kecia said...

Wow, Abby sure is growing up. Good pictures! :)

Sharon said...

What fun to be able to spend some time with your pastors family.We enjoy a great friendship with our pastor and his wife outside of church.
i still can't get used to everyone going through the seasons at different times. I blog with someone in New Zealand and they are getting ready to go into spring. We are getting into fall. Although here in the South--sometimes it is hard to tell.
Hopping for some cool jean weather soon.
Thanks for stopping by. I do love Holly and enjoyed meeting her this past summer.She is a happy soul.
Thanks for posting the pictures that was cool.

april said...

That's a beautiful picture of you. I'm glad your posting more photos, I like seeing your side of the world.

CrownLaidDown said...

Chris saiys you and Don have the same he right?

And you look marvelous!

I love all those smiling faces :) Praying for each one...