Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Malawi Trip Picutres

Here are a few pictures taken on our trip to Malawi.
This is Coleson on the bus the first morning.

While the adults were in meetings all week our kids were taken care of by a volunteer team from Bowling Green, Kentucky. The last night all the kid's classes performed something for the parents. Abby is in the front in white shirt and striped pants.
Luke is the cool guy in the middle. Aren't those cool do-rags?

The youth class performed a skit. Will (on the right) played the part of Jesus.
It was very moving and Will did a great job. He's removing the red stain of sin from his friend John Brownfield.

This is a group picture of all the IMB missionaries in Mozambique.

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CrownLaidDown said...

Looks like a marvelous time, Angie! Praying for each one of you as you serve and that others will come and wash your feet, as well.

Yes, definately call me a friend...or Sister! I would love that!

This Sister's praying for you...someday maybe we can come from Colorado to serve. I have never done missions--outside of teaching them and praying for them and giving to them. I would like to participate nd be there!

With love and prayers for each day,