Sunday, August 05, 2007

Party Pictures

Here are some pictures, in no particular order, most from Abby's party yesterday.
She had fun, enjoyed her friends, her cake and her presents.
This was taken the other day, trying out her new bike.
Our yard looks so African. Large patches of
grass are hard to come by in Mozambique.

Opening presents.
That's brother Luke in the green shirt, sporting a mohawk hair-do.
He does that himself with lots of hairspray.

Abby, Mommy, and Shana.....the 3 Lechner girls.
Shana just would not smile for the camera.

Blowing out the candle (it was in the shape of a six).

Kecia, here's a close up. :-)
The bow and colar are supposed to be pink
but I had a little trouble with the food coloring.
And Abby wanted Hello Kitty's nose to be yellow but
I was out of yellow food coloring.
Look what she got in a package from America!


april said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!! Your cake is so pretty and so are you! Mom's new do, very cute!

Kecia said...

Love the cake! You did a great job. And I agree with April, your new haircut is adorable. Mike said he wants his just like it.