Friday, August 10, 2007

Why I Want Jenny Craig to come to Africa...... and 364 and 1/4 days ago

One of the times I have successfully lost weight was with the help of Jenny Craig. After I had been married for a couple of years I knew I needed to lose some weight so I joined up. I lost about 25 lbs. over the course of a few months (and paid a pretty penny to do it!) on her program.

Then one month after I stopped at J.C. I got pregnant! I spent the next nine months gaining back 26 pounds. I didn't feel bad about the weight gain.....I was actually glad that I had not gained those 26 lbs. on top of what I have previously weighed. And I gained a beautiful baby boy!

14 years later I won't say how much heavier I am than my post-Jenny Craig weight, but suffice it to say that after 3 more pregnancies, a lack of self- discipline and a love of all foods bread-y, buttery, cheesy or filled with cinnamon and sugar, I have lots of weight to lose. Also there's the small matter of not liking to exercise. That may have something to do with it too. Maybe.

As I'm aging, I've noticed that my fat is starting to spread out to areas it has never spread to before. Like my shoulders. I've never had fat shoulders before. I could always see my collar bones, even at my biggest pregnancy weight! I know they are still there.....I can feel them and my arms don't droop down to my ankles. But I'd just like to see them again. And let's not even visit the rear-end, stomach or thigh regions.

The reason I long for Jenny Craig is because (if the system hasn't changed since I did it) she feeds you. You buy her food and eat just her food for the first couple of months and you lose weight. If I had someone to pre-measure and pre-cook all my food and snacks I could lose weight again.

I know, I know. I could do it again on my own. I just lack the gumption. I need to think differently. Make lifestyle changes that will positively affect my whole family. I know.

A few years ago I got inspired to lose weight after three people over a six-week period asked me if I was pregnant. I WAS NOT! Oh, I was so hurt. I cried and cried. Then I went on a diet and lost weight.

But it has crept back on. And on. And on.

So until my feelings get hurt again or I get really tired of my tight jeans and roll of stomach flab, here I sit, waiting for Jenny Craig. Sigh.

Time to talk about happier what I was doing 364 and 1/4 days ago.

I was getting ready to get married! Tomorrow is our 18th Wedding Anniversary.

I was so excited about getting married and so in love and so blissfully ignorant and naiive about what it would really be like to be married to my man. A man who wakes up happy and ready to face the new day with a smile while I want to bury my head under the pillow and never come out. A man who whistles when we're running late, probably to drown out my griping about just how late we are. A man who will eat anything that is put in front of him and never complain (except once about that stir-fry but I promised to never make it again. And I didn't!). A man who would eat ice cream after every meal, including breakfast, if he could. A man who does not seem to gain weight and has been wearing some of his clothes (ok, one pair of shorts) for 8 years and they still fit! I love this man. He has put up with a LOT out of this woman. And he still loves me. That is a MIRACLE! A gift from God above. I am truly, truly grateful for this man. He loves me with or without Jenny Craig.

(Those are the 8 year old shorts right there in the picture!)

EDIT: Our anniversary is NOT tomorrow, Aug. 11, it's Sunday August 12. I'm a noo-noo.

Aging also affects your memory.

P.S. My little brother Anthony is getting married tomorrow in Ohio. Congratulations Anthony and Diana! I love you.


Bonnie B. said...

Awww! Another reminder of why I adore the Lechner family. :) Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I love you. Happy almost anniversary.

Kecia said...

18 years! Wow! What a happy day. I think you both did good. And aren't you glad your wonderful maid of honor kept everyone from playing any tricks on you or decorating your car? hee hee

mer said...


Happy Anniversary!

I totally related to your weight woes...age and hormones have so much to do with it for me. And a fierce hatred of exercise probably interferes a little too. My husband is super slim. He actually eats a bowl of ice cream every night and he never gains an ounce. He has to exercise to keep weight ON his frame. If he doesn't exercise, he gets even skinnier. It IS NOT supposed to work that way. SO NOT FAIR! LOL!

Hey..I want to email you back and answer your questions about Arkadelphia to Colorado and our Anglican church...I've been on the go all week and haven't had time to think, much less sit and catch up on email. It's on my to-do list though!

Enjoy your anniversary!


mer said...

One more sister got married on the day before our anniversary. Just like your brother and you.

Her anniversary is June 29, and mine is June 30 (six years apart). I tell my mom we did it to make it easier for her to remember...but it actually confuses her tremendously!

Focus said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love ya'll! Your marriage (along with my parents) is an inspiration to me. I only DREAM of having a marriage like yours and Charlies. And you know what? don't stress over the weight...sometimes that just makes it worse...just consciously make an effort to NOT eat until you get full. Only eat when you are truly hungry. If you think you are hungry, wait 20 minutes...and THEN eat something only if you are hungry. This has helped me a lot. Also, weightwatchers online helps too. I still have more weight to lose but I try not to get discouraged but saying, GOD loves my body no matter what I look like...and you KNOW Charlie loves you no matter what size you are. And of course, I love you! Buie just started Adkins and he's doing very well. I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary! I love you!!!!!!!!!

CrownLaidDown said...

Our anniversary is the 10th...I'm with you, losing weight after children is hard. But I'm believing that you can do it. His mercies are new every morning!

Praying for your family!
Love in him,