Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snack time?

Oh, hi Coleson! What's that you're saying to me? You're hungry? Need a snack?

Turn around and look behind you.

So does your dad.

That's an African version of a Fig Newton hanging out of his mouth.
And compare this picture of my husband with the picture of Will in the previous post.
See any similarities??

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Bonnie B. said...

How funny! Wish I was there to enjoy snack time with you all. :) Have you checked out my blog lately? I was really slack about updating it for a couple months, but I'm back in the game now. :) Great things are happening lately... you're gonna have to plan a stop in Durham on your next stateside so you can see my house! hehe (and me of course... though I'll come to you if that's what it takes to see you guys!)