Monday, March 05, 2007

Rough Day

Will came home from school today feeling low. It had been a rough day. You know. It's Monday. His classmates had not been very nice. He was tired.

Then he tried to sit in a plastic lawn chair out back and it only brought him lower......literally. He failed to notice it was only a three legged chair (why we haven't pitched it by now is beyond me) and the laws of gravity took over. He landed on his elbow.

But nothing that a frozen bag of peas for the swelling and a Ritz cracker can't handle.

(We are excited because our daddy brought us some Ritz crackers and 6 cans of Dr. Pepper from Kenya....two things we can't get in Mozambique!!!)


CB said...

Awwwe, I wish I would have been there with you during all of the accidents and boo boos this weekend. Tell Will I know how he feels about Mondays. They are no fun.

april said...

Is that strawberry blond hair I see? Wow! Your kids are so good looking!

It's funny what small treats will do to pick up a kid's spirits. I treat my daughter to a soda after she gets her braces adjusted and you would think I gave her a million dollars and that she never gets soda!