Monday, March 05, 2007


I learned a new Portuguese word this week - "pontos". It means stitches. Abby fell at school last week and busted her head open on a concrete bench. It required 6 stitches....two on the inside and four on the outside, as it was quite a deep wound. She was a little trouper. Mom however was pretty scared and had to fake being calm and got a little lightheaded in the tiny emergency room, especially when she actually saw the cut. Ugh. And to add to all that our daddy was out of the country at a meeting and he's usually the parent who stays calm while Mommy freaks out! But God took good care of us and used "Aunt" Sarah to be a great source of comfort and support that day. We are so thankful for her.

Abby has done so well and only complained once of a headache. Of course having two new kittens has been a wonderful distraction. She should get her stitches out this week.

We are also thankful that it wasn't worse than it was, that we were seen by a doctor that we like and who speaks perfect English, and that we even have a good clinic to go to when we need it!

Oh and now our daddy is back home. Mommy can fall apart now.


Anonymous said...

6 stitches! Ouch. I'm glad you didn't faint. Kiss her for me. Love you-Kec

april said...

Oh, poor thing! She is so beautiful! Why do high drama events always happen when the husband is out of town?