Sunday, March 18, 2007


I love my kids. They keep me humble. They teach me things. They entertain me. They love me back. They infuriate me. They make me think that I'm losing my mind. They make me laugh. They make me cry. And sometimes they surprise me.

But not always in good ways.

This a.m. my sweet husband made me a cup of coffee and brought it to me at the computer. My first swig was not the delightful, sweet, rich flavor of coffee sweetened with sugar that I look forward to each morning. This tasted like boiled sea water. It was SALTY! I quickly spat that swig back into the cup. I took my cup to the kitchen and laughed, saying, "ha ha honey, very funny joke!" He looked so innocent when he denied putting salt into my coffee. Then he took a taste of his own cup of tea and promptly spat it out. It was also salty. One check of the sugar bowl revealed that salt had been mixed in with the sugar.

When I asked my 14 year old he laughed, thinking that was a good joke, but could not claim the idea as his own. But when I asked my 12 year old, he laughed a ghoulish laugh and his evil little eyes crinkled. Yes, he did it last night while he was washing dishes all by himself in the kitchen. He thought it was hilarious.

I can't wait to get him back.

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