Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Reminder

We have been in Mozambique for almost 6 months now! I can't believe it - it has gone by really fast. This week one of my dearest friends from South Africa, Heidi, has been visiting us with her children, Keiron and Cathlin. We are so glad they came for a visit. And it has been really interesting for me to see Mozambique anew, through her eyes.

This was Heidi's first visit to Mozambique. Her Geography Teacher heart and mind have caused her to see so many things about Mozambique that we hadn't thought of.....things about the terrain, the climate. She has asked questions about the economy, the infrastructure, the churches, the culutre. Her observations and questions have caused me to think about things I haven't thought of in a while or never thought of at all. But most importantly it has made me ask myself again why am I here? Mozambique has it's own beauty and charm (I think) and a lot to offer a tourist. But why are the Lechners here??? Why are we learning Portuguese?

We aren't here as tourists. I'm not learning Portuguese so I can barter better with people at the craft market or ask directions from someone better when I get lost. We are here because God called us here. And we are here to share the Good News of Jesus with people that we come into contact with.

Last night I realized that for a while I have lost sight of that. Since we have been here our lives have been consumed with learning Portuguese, learning our way around a new city, learning Portuguese, adjusting to driving in crazy traffic, learning Portuguese, discovering where to shop, finding out where to get a haircut, meeting new people, visiting new churches, exploring our new country and learning Portuguese. It's easy to become consumed with just "living" somewhere.

I don't want to be consumed with just living. I want to be consumed with Jesus and my walk/relationship with Him. Because out of that relationship comes the sense of urgency to share the gospel.....the compassion I need to talk to yet another beggar on the street or at my gate......the ability to remember what I have studied in Portuguese, the ability to step out of my comfort zone and enter a world so totally different from what I am accustomed to. From God I received a call to live and serve Him in Mozambique. Jesus is my lifeline.....He is the one who gives me a love for a country full of potholes and buildings in need of a coat of paint. He is the one to enable me to see behind someone's eyes and see their hurt. I can't manufacture any of that from my cold, selfish heart. I need Him to daily refill me and give me the strength I need.

So Heids, thanks for coming. I love you. I have enjoyed so much the many cups of tea and the wonderful conversations. But your visit has been important, too, because it has been a much needed reminder from the Lord. Thank you.


Bonnie B. said...

Wow, Ang. Thanks for the reminder for me too. Buying this fixer-upper house has consumed my time and money quite a lot lately. You are right, it IS easy to become so busy living and doing, that you forget the whole reason God put you there in the first place. Thanks for the much needed testimony and encouragment!

whoami123 said...


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Lori Vernon said...

I'm a missionary in Thailand and saw your comment on Cam Dunson's blog. It's so comforting to read blogs like yours and to know we have common struggles. You're right, just living in another country can feel so "all consuming" sometimes and it takes constant effort to keep focused on why we're here. Thanks for sharing!