Sunday, June 18, 2006

Family and Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. I want to wish my own father, Orvell Bryant, a wonderful day....I sent him an e-card that I hope he gets. I hope he knows how much I love and admire him.

Next I want to wish my husband, Charlie, a happy father's day. He is the best father in the world. He is self-less, calm, loving, consistent and fun. He is a wonderful example for our 3 sons.

Our family is doing well. School is out for the summer/winter until the first week of August. It has been quite challenging for us to continue with Portuguese study and keep all 4 kids entertained. They have enjoyed swimming with friends, playing basketball, and PS2. We've visited a new park, a craft market and have plans to do more fun stuff.

Next month we will be travelling to Malawi for our annual mission meeting. That will involve a 4 day drive to get there and a 4 day drive back.

Coleson finished out the year at school receiving the Christian Character Award as well as the Academic Achievement Award for his grade level. We are very proud of him. He really enjoys Math, sports (he's really enjoying watching World Cup Soccer at the moment), and emailing or talking to friends on instant messenger. He is now a half inch taller than his mother!!!

Will is soooo glad that it's the summer break from school. He's the late sleeper in the family and really enjoys not having to wake up early everyday. We are proud of his acheivements in school this year. He has worked hard. He enjoys playing basketball whenever he can. Yesterday he was playing catch with his baseball and mitt, by himself. He threw the ball up in the air but instead of his mit catching the ball, his top lip did! Thankfully his teeth were fine....but he got a nice fat lip.

Luke has been enjoying playing with Abby everyday and also his friend Lucy. Lucy was in Luke's class this year and is also a missionary kid. He did well in school this year. He came in behind his class in many areas due to the differences in school here and school in S.Africa. But he caught up and we are proud of him. He has turned into a little clown and makes us laugh with his Portuguese phrases. He has recently decided that he also wants an allowance like his big brothers but isn't too happy about the chores that come with that.

Abby will be 5 in in about 7 weeks! She has grown a lot this year and has really matured. She is SO excited about starting Kindergarten in August. She loves to draw and her new thing is cutting things out with scissors. She is really good at it! She is a little parrot and repeats what she hears us say in Portuguese.

We recently enjoyed a visit from my parents - Orvell and Suzan Bryant- at the end of May. We managed to keep their visit a secret from the kids until their arrival and Coleson, Will, Luke and Abby were so shocked to see Mamaw and Papaw in Mozambique! We enjoyed showing Mom and Dad our new home and introducing them to our new friends. They even went to Portuguese class with us. They were troopers their last night here and attended the very long (but good!) 10th Anniversary/Graduation Service for the kid's school - Christian Acadmey of Mozambique. It was over 4 hours long!!! We are so glad that they came to visit us.

Charlie and I are making progress in Portuguese....we are able to say more things. We are now in the second half of our book. We enjoy spending lots of time with our teacher, Telma, outside of class. She is fun to be with but it also forces us to use our Portuguese as she doesn't speak English.

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