Monday, May 22, 2006

Father/Son Camp-Out

Charlie and Will returned last night from their father/son camp-out at the Kruger National Park. They had a very good time despite a few problems. They took the aero-bed blow up mattress to sleep on in their tent. But unfortunately they forgot the adaptor so they could plug it into the cigarette lighter to blow up the mattress. They had to sleep on their sleeping bags on the ground. That just means they are hard-core campers, I think!

Then it was really, really cold! The did take an extra blanket and they slept in their clothes....jeans, sweatshirts. They came home earlier than I expected yesterday afternoon because they were cold and dirty.

Will made a list of all the animals they saw: herds of elephant, buffalo, impala, and giraffe. Also crocodile, water buck, wildebeests, diker, zebra, mongoose, hippo (it's head only)and last but not least.....lion! They spent some time in a bird hide and some "bird nerds" helped them identify the birds they saw. These include long tail shrikes, lilac breasted roller,storks,ground hornbill, starlings, pied kingfisher,lily pad walker,darters,grey herons, jacanas, and crakes.

They listened to James Dobsons' "Preparing for Adolescence" tapes over the course of the weekend. Charlie used these with Coleson when they went on their camp-out 2 years ago. Coleson has made reference to those tapes many times since then.

They also went on a night drive in a safari truck and roasted marshmallows and hotdogs (but not on the safari truck!). The best part is they did not shower all weekend! :-)

Thank you to those of you who prayed for Charlie and Will's weekend together. I know the memories they made will stick with the both of them for a long time.


Dan Pennell said...

Charlie & Ang,

I love that you guys have been doing this Blog thing. It helps me feel more connected to you guys and really know how to pray for you on a daily basis.

Little Lucas is 2 years old (will be 3 in Sept) and when he is older, I hope to do a similar trip with him. Sounds like fun! Almost as much fun as the Perryville, Arkansas lake cottage. (right Charlie?) ;) lol.

Take care & know that you guys are in my daily prayers for encouragement, strength & wisdom.

In His Steps,
Dan Pennell

Bonnie B. said...

Oh my word... has Will really changed that much, or does it just look like it in the picture?? It's only been 7 months... people can't be changing so fast on me like that! :) Once again, your family has given me one more thing to model my future family after. I'm glad you're blogging so I can continue to learn from you all!!

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