Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A wise friend told us today that 90% of language learning is perserverance. I hope that's true......although today I don't feel like perservering. I feel like quitting. But I won't. I'll keep plodding and plugging and hanging on by my fingernails and SOMEDAY maybe I'll be able to speak Portuguese properly. Actually it will only be with God's strength that I'll be able to do it!

The traffic situation has not improved here, in case you thought it might have by some miracle. :-) This a.m. Charlie was sitting at a stoplight and 2 taxis drove around him to run through the red light, one having to pick his way through the traffic going across the intersection!

One of the things that is different about our house here is that we have NO WATER PRESSURE!!! It takes FOREVER to fill the bathtub for a bath or fill the sink to wash the dishes. I guess the positive side of that is that I am conserving water. By the time I finish taking a bath there's only about 3 inches of water in the tub. Normally there would be more than that when I have a bath (My previous idea of a bath was deep, very warm, luxurious water, with bubbles.) Not here. And, normally I'm a shower person....but with no water pressure you can imagine how long it would take to wash your hair under a trickle. But so as not to sound totally negative, I will say that I am VERY thankful to have running water in my house and I'm very thankful to have hot water in my house. I know some people in the world (even in this city!) have to carry water into their house with a bucket and the only way they have hot water is to heat it on a stove. So I'm grateful.

I'm going to try to post a picture again......of Luke. He turned 7 on the 2nd of May and lost his first tooth the week after that. He has another one just hanging on for dear life. He's so cute. This picture was taken in the bushes in our tiny front yard. He said he wanted to look like Tarzan.

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