Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's COLD!

*I wrote this several days ago and the little miniature elves in the computer won't let me publish this post. Maybe it will work this time. I'm using Charlie's computer (grrrrrr......) which will remain nameless but it's initials are h.p.. My computer is in the shop and who knows when it will get fixed. Here goes nothing.....
It's autumn up here in the northern hemisphere and we are experiencing some cooler temperatures here in Louisiana and I am loving it! (It may even get down to freezing tonight!)
The stores are full of halloween candy, fall decorations and PUMPKIN Pop Tarts! I had no idea they made pumpkin Pop Tarts. Is that a new thing? I also love all of the fall scented candles that are available. I bought a new one today and my kitchen smells like cinnamon and apples.
I had to buy some new socks today. I have been wearing flip flops for the last few years and only had a couple pairs of athletic ankle socks to wear with my sneakers for exercising. Aren't you glad that you know that now??
I made baked potato soup today and it was yummy. Tomorrow I want to make beef vegetable soup. Vamos ver.
One of my dearest friends is leaving next Monday to go on a 2 week trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Today I was watching the travel channel and this particular show was featuring strange and unusual food (to us Americans, that is) that is eaten in Cambodia......deep fried tarantulas and stir fried bat! I sent her a text to inform her of the culinary delights that await her. Her response was something along the lines of "ewwww". I was glad to know that the people who catch the tarantulas de-fang them before they sell them to vendors to be fried.
Aren't you glad you stopped by to read today???
For those of you who were concerned, our sick computer is in the computer hospital and hopefully will be fixed soon. I'm using Charlie's computer. I am not a fan of this computer. But I am thankful I have it to use and don't have to go to the library. Edited to add: This dumb computer will not allow me to publish this post. AARRGGH!
My parents are due to arrive in the U.S. for their mini-furlough in 13 days!!!!! Thank you for praying for my Mom. She is doing GREAT.
Now I'm off to put on my warm pajamas!

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Kecia said...

Your potato soup was delicious! And I love this time of year, even if I don't love the new (to me anyway) pumpkin Pop Tarts. I hope you're enjoying time with your parents. I love you!