Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In the news......

Well, not the real news, but in my little world:

International News:
My Mom is doing great, improving daily after her surgery last week in Kenya. We continue to pray for her complete recovery.

In Local News: This is Homecoming week for Will at his school and for Luke and Abby at their school. For those non-Americans who read, this is a week set aside for special activities and on Friday there is special parade and football game where former students return (hence the name "Homecoming") to celebrate and relive their high school glory days. Or not. Saturday night there is a dance where students bring dates and dress up (sort of like prom but not as fancy). The girls wear huge corsages made with a mum and ribbons of the school colors and other decorative items and the guys wear some sort of corsage or arm band something or other. During this week at school each day has a theme and the students may divert from their regularly- scheduled- uniform-wearing and don something related to the theme. Today was western day at Will's school and Blast from the Past for Luke and Abby's. Will wore his most western shirt with jeans and a bandana. He was sad he had no cowboy boots. Luke and Abby dressed in 50's style with converse all-stars, rolled up jeans and white t-shirts.
In other local news- yesterday we felt like we were back in Africa when our electricity suddenly went off and stayed off! We later found out that an 18-wheeler had hit some large electrical something or other (I'm a vocabulary whiz today!) and knocked out electricity for the ENTIRE town! It was off for several hours.

In Technological News - in response to the death of Steve Jobs last week, our MacBook decided to die as well. After researching the problem, things are not looking good for a resurrection. Investigation into the death and possible miracle-working repair men continues.

In Boring News - today is Wednesday, my unoffical clean-the-house day. I LOVE this day - I wake up wondering what chore I can get to first.....NOT.
And in very exciting news - COLESON comes home today for his fall break! YAY!!!!!!!!! I am so ready to have him home for a few days. We have missed that boy.


Last weekend I had a FANTASTIC time going to our university Alma Mater's Homecoming celebration. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Be prepared. This big mama is even bigger. Gag. Barf. BUT my beautiful friends were so much fun to be with. Friday night we had a reunion sleep-over with 6 girls. Some of us had not seen each other in 22 years! We are all married, are mothers, and all have active, interesting lives. It was so great to catch up with them. Thankfully we did not have to dress up or wear a mum to attend the Homecoming football game (where we roasted! It was so hot.). We saw more old friends and stayed long enough too see fellow OBU graduate Shelly Breen, member of Point of Grace, receive the Outstanding Alumni Award.
Anyway, a post dedicated to this weekend is forthcoming!
I'm off to clean my house. And no, I was NOT procrastinating by writing this post. I NEVER procrastinate. And I LOVE cleaning house.


Kecia said...

You know you can come sweep my daughters' bathroom floor any time you want! ;)
Looking forward to seeing your pictures-
(wv: cracti. Plural of cractus.)

t marie said...


Loved ALL the news (and your witty vocabulary)!