Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Favorite OBU Faculty/Staff

This week the topic for the Ouachita BlogAbout
is to write about our favorite faculty/staff. I was a
student at OBU from 1985 until 1990 and during those
years I met so many great people and had so many
really great teachers/instructors/professors.
Today, I'll pick a favorite faculty member
and a favorite staff member,
then I'll have some honorable mentions!

My favorite faculty member was Dr. Fran Coulter. Her wealth of
knowledge just floored me. She could stand and lecture for an
hour and a half (I seemed to always get her for Tue./Thurs. classes)
and never consult her notes. I loved her classes. And I loved her more
after the day I took her Contemporary World final. I zipped through
that thing and was the first one out of class, confident I had just bagged
an A. As I left the building and was crossing the street, I heard her call
my name. In my haste to get out of the final exam I had neglected
to complete one whole page of the test. Instead of leaving it, which
would have greatly decreased my grade, she chased me down and had
me return to class and finish it. I was embarrassed but so
relieved! Only a caring teacher would have done that!

Honorable mentions:

Dr. Randall Wight. I had him for General
Psychology and Human Development. He made me laugh and
think and examine every aspect of my life. I came away from
every class thinking, "Dang, that man is smart!"

Mr. Lavelle Cole.
I always enjoyed his classes and I learned things that have
stuck with me to this day. He amazed me with the sheer volume
of factsthat he stored in his brain and the ease with which
he communicated it to his students.

My favorite Ouachita staff member was Mac Sisson.
I worked for him my freshman year in the News Bureau. His
zest for life, his laugh and the way he remembered everyone he'd
ever met made him so fun to be around and to work for. I remember
how much he loved his family and how much he loved OBU.

Honorable mentions: Minnie in the cafeteria. I wish I had learned
her whole name. She made some dreary Walt's meals fun. And my
husband and I still try to sing like her. He had the pleasure (?) of
working in the cafeteria his freshman year, so he has more
Minnie memories than I do.

And of course, my wonderful dorm moms-
Mom Rogers, Mom Chu and Mom Barksdale.
These women were like moms to me and I loved them.
Mom Rogers comforted me when I was a very homesick
missionary- kid- freshman. Mom Chu fiercely loved me and
all the girls under her care. And Mom Barksdale was such
a great friend. I loved her stories about her family, the way
she let girls take baths in her bathtub and when she
gave my then fiance' (now husband) a haircut in the first floor
bathroom when he was too broke to go to the barber shop.


Brittney said...

Stopping by from the BlogAbout! LOVE the caring profs at OBU...only there would a professor chase you down to finish a test for sure!

Jill Sullivan said...

Great memories...Doing my work-study in the history department my freshman year allowed me to get to know Dr. Coulter and Mr. Cole quite well. Good times!

whimzie said...

I was a psych major so I'm a big fan of Dr. Wight's. And of course my love for Mr. Cole runs deep and wide.