Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lechner Update

We are in our 9th week of our stateside assignment. It's hard to believe that we've been back in the U.S. over 2 months!

We are sitting in the middle of a heat wave here in the south having experienced over 100 degree Farenheit temps for the past 40 something days. People ask us if it gets this hot in Mozambique. Our answer is yes but after a couple of days of this kind of heat it rains and cools things off for awhile, or at least in Maputo that's what happens.

We are in back-to-school mode right now. Will left this morning for his first full day at Minden High School. He is being heavily recruited by the football coaches but so far is resisting. They use the block system here and would you believe football is a class and would be the last class of the day, if he played, making up 1 of his 4 classes?? The "block system" is quite different and we are curious to see how it will work.

Luke and Abby are registered at Mt. Olive Christian School, a small school about 20 miles outside of Minden. We chose Mt. Olive because they could continue with the ABeka curriculum they are used to and Mt. Olive has smaller classes. We felt that this would be a better school experience for them since they have never been to school in the U.S. before. They don't start until Aug. 22 so they have a few more mornings to sleep late.

Coleson moves into the dorms at Ouachita Baptist University on August 20. His pile of things to take is growing. This past weekend he attended a re-entry retreat hosted by WMU for missionary kids returning to the U.S. for college. He enjoyed being with many of his southern Africa MK buds and making new friends as well. I think I'm still in denial that he's actually moving out of our home. I have warned him that there will be tears on move-in day. He warned me that they won't be coming from him! :-)

Charlie and I have enjoyed a light schedule this summer as far as speaking engagements go but that is about to change as our calendar is filling up. We are excited to tell people about what God is doing in Mozambique and about how they can be a part.

At some point the feasting on American food is going to stop as our waistlines are expanding. It's not a good thing to add to the 25 lbs or so I have put on in the last 3 years. UGH. I really had hoped that Jesus would return and I'd have my glorified body before I had to embark on some serious exercise and correct eating. But as of Aug. 11, 2011, at 9:16 a.m. CST that has not happened. Dang it.

So there - you are updated on us. And if you think about it, pray for us on Aug. 20. Thanks!


Linds said...

I can't remember how long you will be in the States? Is it for a good while?
Bittersweet times, my friend - I remember waving my oldest off to university. Time just flew by - how could my baby be all grown up??? He is now 34. Unbelievable. And now I have no "kids" any more - just three grown adults, all finished university and I have no idea how that happened. But how exciting for him too. Wonderful!

Debbie said...

Awww... Angie. As I watch my 4 1/2 yr old boy growing and changing and trying new things, I think of you sending your boy off to college. It brings perspective - it was "just yesterday" we were at your wedding. Now your oldest is a college freshman. It will only be "tomorrow" and my son will be heading off as well. Makes me cherish every moment - and regret the ones I don't!

Love you.

Kecia said...

I was serious about stopping here on your way home Saturday--you can cry on my shoulder anytime.