Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Four Sleeps

Sorry, Deanna, that I am counting down the days till we fly out on Sunday. Mostly I do it because I have to be mentally prepared for these things.

This is what we've been up to since I last posted:

*I have been busy packing suitcases and packing our things up to store in our house while we are gone.

*My parents are here visiting, combining a work trip with a visit with us. They were able to be here for Coleson's graduation last week. We are loving having them here. And today my Mom is cooking and baking. Yum!

*My kids have been busy trying to get in last minute visits with friends before we go. We let Abby go on back-to-back sleepovers last week on Friday and Saturday night. By Sunday night she was so toxic that I was regretting that decision. However, she had a LOT of fun with her friends.

*Coleson's graduation was a really fun night. He gave the valedictory speech and did a great job. I only cried a little bit. The party after was a lot of fun, too.

*Will was stopped by the police yesterday on his way to a pizza place with a friend. They were just walking down the street and while passing a group of police officers, the police stopped Will and asked to see his documents. He explained that they were at home. They asked him where he worked and didn't believe him when he said he was just 16 and a student (he's 6 ft. 4). They asked him if he had any drugs on him. He said he emptied his pockets twice trying to show them he had NOTHING. Finally they let him go. He was pretty rattled after that and has decided to stay put in the house until we fly out on Sunday.

*I got a pedicure yesterday afternoon. It was a luxurious splurge.

*Sunday we went to church in Matola Rio where Charlie preached then was told at the end of the service that he would be leading a baby dedication. It was his first one to do here in Mozambique. He did well except he kept calling the baby "menina" (girl) until finally someone whispered to him that the baby was a "menino". He just looked down at the baby and said, "Desculpa, Senhor" (I'm sorry, sir) and kept on going.

*Now I'm wasting time writing this when I should be packing.



Kecia said...

Your husband makes me laugh. :) I prayed for you as I went to bed last night that all your packing and preparing would go smoothly. Can't wait to see you!

Cara Beth said...

I cannot wait to see you! I'm contemplating on coming down early but I'm not sure my husband would like me being gone a whole week since I'm staying through the weekend... Hmmm... decisions decisions.