Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back in America

I have been a negligent blogger! We arrived back in the U.S.A. a week and three days ago. After being away for 3 plus years, it's always interesting to see what things make an impression on us, especially to our children. The number one thing everyone noticed at first was how soft the toilet paper is! (It's those little things in life that matter, folks!)

Here is a quick list of things that I am noticing and/or enjoying about being back in the land of my birth:

*I am enjoying going grocery shopping and not smelling an odor that makes me think something died on that aisle (just remembering Shoprite in Maputo and the canned veggie aisle!).

*Many TV channels......especially TLC. I have missed that channel.

*Driving an automatic transmission is so wonderful!

*Driving and NOT dodging potholes is also wonderful!

*Going to really gross bathrooms in Africa prepared me for the bathrooms at Walmart. Just sayin'. (However, just to clarify, South African gas stations have the cleanest bathrooms of any place I've ever been.)

*Chick-fil-A is just as divine as I remembered. And their bathroom was clean! :-)

*Sonic Happy Hour rocks!

*Louisiana in the summertime is JUST AS HOT as Maputo, Mozambique in the summertime!

*I am on the same continent as my sister, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins!!!!

*Target is fantastic. Super Target........I think I heard the angels singing as I entered the doors! (And their bathrooms were pretty clean.)

*Homogenized, Pasteurized, non-UHT MILK! Yum!

*So many cereal choices that is boggles the mind.

*Realizing last night as we planned an upcoming road trip that we don't have to buy all of our snacks/drinks before we leave but we can actually stop at places along the way.

*African bananas taste better than bananas bought in America.

*Using the dryer doesn't blow the breaker. And we can use our electric kettle and toaster at the SAME TIME in the kitchen and not blow a breaker.

*Getting a new driver's license at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles was amazingly easy!

*Charlie found a watch battery for my watch at Walmart. (After having searched all over Maputo AND in Johannesburg!)

*I feel very vulnerable and exposed when I open our front door and there's not a security gate nor a wall or high fence.

*I had forgotten that you pay at the pump for gas. And you pump it yourselves. And it's so expensive!

*Free refills! I'm not sure this concept will ever catch on in Africa.


Kecia said...

And the hour drive between Minden and Magnolia is nothing compared to the 24+ hour trip between Maputo and Magnolia!:D

ashley said...

Welcome back to the states! I loved seeing pics of your family on Cara Beth's blog. ENJOY your time here! If you're in the Dallas area, I'd love to see you, but obviously no pressure... I know you have lots of resting to do and friends and family to see. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

So glad you're enjoying life's simple pleasures! (Well, maybe not simple pleasures, but AMERICAN pleasures!)

Are you road-tripping to CO?

Chelsea said...

I appreciate how you talked about TP and toilets multiple times. You crack me up, Angie.
I love hearing about the adjustments back to the states. Keep us posted :)
We miss you all greatly!

whimzie said...

Welcome home!!

My mom said that Louisiana is like the surface of the sun right now. I guess it could be a great evangelizing tool. When I was a summer youth intern driving a '76 un-airconditioned Monte Carlo, my care group girls would pile in and say, "If hell is hotter than your car, we don't want any of our friends to go there."

Deanna said...

I will have to admit, I do miss soft toilet paper! Enjoy each day Angie. I miss you here but today I learned that this is the will He has for you and you have to obey so I will be joyful for you! Love you

sunshine said...

I just found your blog and I loved this list of things about being back in America.

It's amazing how we take so many things for granted and something we don't appreciate how easy we have it in many other ways.

Good luck on everything that comes next!!!