Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Last week while Charlie was away on a 10 day
trip to northern Mozambique, I decided
that it was time for the two of us to get away
without the children for a few days. So I picked
a destination, figured out what to do with the children,
made the reservations and told him that when he got home
from his trip we'd be leaving again the next a.m..
When he got home on Thursday night I told him where
we'd be going the next day (he was thrilled) and I told
him to pack his shorts, t-shirts and fishing gear.

Friday a.m. after running several errands, we headed
out of town to this place..... Nascer do Sol.
Do you see anybody on that beach? We only saw
a few people the whole weekend! It was lovely.

Charlie in the kitchen of our cabin.
We took all of our own food....which was so
strange to only cook (and clean up) for two.

The front of the cabin
Align Center

The back porch that
overlooked the sea.

Each cabin is named for a sea creature

The view from our porch

Our first meal.....steak!
They were so good and so big we couldn't finish them.
Like our fancy grill? The management provides
the grate.....and the bricks. :-)

Full moon on our first night there

Dinner on our 2nd night - hamburgers and
roasted veggies. The view was spectacular.
We just kept thanking God for such a
beautiful place and that we were there alone!!

Charlie's double decker burger.

Since Charlie was gone for Valentine's Day I
took a red velvet cake with us so we could
celebrate late. It was delish. BTW, I used
Pioneer Woman's was a bit dry.
Just saying. That's why we added extra icing.

Besides eating, we spent time on the beach
(slathered up with sunscreen, of course)
Looking UP at he camera really helps reduce
the double or triple chin.

Charlie ready to fish from the rocks.
We walked way down the beach to that
spot on the right of the photo.

He didn't catch a thing but he
enjoyed getting his hook wet.

While he was fishing I was exploring
all of these really cool tide pools.

A skinny starfish maybe?

A green of thousands

An eel. We saw several that day.

This will go down as one of our favorite
mini-vacations. We talked, slept, watched
movies, took walks, ate, talked, read, listened to
music, ate some more, prayed, talked some more.
The only other people we talked to were the
cleaning folks who were there for just a few
minutes each morning. We didn't even mind
when some clouds rolled in. And we never
got tired of looking at this view.
MANY THANKS to the good friends who took
care of our children while we were gone!


Hopefulmom said...

What a nice getaway! I'm glad you could arrange the time and enjoy being with your hubby.

deena_steve said...

What fun! I'm so glad you guys got a weekend away. It is such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing pictures with us.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That looks heavenly! What a great idea. I'm sure it took some detail maneuvering to make it happen but aren't you glad you did?

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That looks so peaceful and relaxing. I'm so glad you got a chance to steal away wonderful for your heart and your marriage!

Chelsea said...

It looks like you guys had a great time :) Beautiful pictures by the way.
Oh my, how I miss it there.

Kecia said...

It looks so relaxing! I love the tide pools.

Jill Sullivan said...

What a gorgeous view!! Sounds like the perfect getaway!